Tainted Rest

Judging by the reviews on travel forums on the Internet, overbooking in 2009-2010 spoiled vacation to many tourists. It would seem that the global economic crisis would force the tour operators, hotels and airlines to value each client, but no complaints about the tainted holiday full Internet access. Especially this negative phenomenon, overbooking, sin cheap Turkish and Egyptian turnapravleniya. Overbooking in tourism (English overbooking literally – "Overbooking") – a situation where the number of arrivals clients more than were sold or reserved seats. It turned out that the global crisis, by contrast, more contribute to the spread of this phenomenon, bringing additional revenue for tourism organizations. Hotels and travel company first and foremost care about their profits (they lost so much because of the crisis), and only secondarily for its clients. And not to miss her darling – profits, they increase the allowable percentage of crisis "planned" overbooking of 2-4%, sometimes up to an absolutely unacceptable – 8%.

That is, they based their calculations on the fact that they could not take advantage of natural causes (illness, late, urgent work, etc.) to book a holiday more than twice than usual. Of course, it is not. It's just that tour operators, hotels and airlines 'scheduled' overbooking – is a powerful tool for obtaining more profit. In case of arrival of all guests, the calculation is that the victim be a client to settle in a less comfortable (and maybe the same) conditions, but another hotel (often of all – then at 2-3 days) or, for example, to send a mission to others, not so comfortable flight. And for the most hapless tourists caught in the "hook" overbooking – is spoiled by rest and stress. K Unfortunately, the earlier you sign up for a flight or hotel upon arrival, the better your chances to avoid overbooking. What to do if you're unlucky and you get into these crises – 8% (or 4% post-crisis)? Yes, your vacation is spoiled, but we must patience, nerves, and be sure to get compensation! Restoring your rights violated involves compensation for costs incurred due to violations of the host country.