Product Current Issues

"Cat in the bag." Relevance. There is such exercises to be used in sales training: participants are given a closed bag with unknown contents, and offered to sell it to another party. And so the chain. Open the package, watch yourself, or skip the "Buyer" can not sell what is called a "pig in a poke." In discussing the exercise, which can be carried out in various ways, always pops up the difficulty or even impossibility of civilized selling an unknown product to the buyer: you do not know how to build a sales strategy, not his own confidence in the product, once confronted with a huge resistance to the client, not enough information to overcome objection. Everest capital often addresses the matter in his writings. This shows that the first step in the sale – the full knowledge of the proposal of the company with whom you come out to the client: the characteristics of the product / service, assortment, pricing, competitive advantage, unique opportunities, etc. Training of employees the main characteristics and specific products is particularly important in industries such as IT-products, household and other machinery, professional equipment and services; trade, implying a huge range of goods and the choice among the many brands (eg, building and decoration materials, household chemicals and cosmetics), market introduction of new products and technologies, exclusive technology. As we can see, the list is quite big. Anyway, training products are always in the company, the only question is how and how effectively the company today teach their employees, customers, dealers. From a range of issues relating to this area, consider only the issue of quality of training specialists on training products / services companies, ie The coach of the product, or "teachers of products," as they are called in some organizations.