Any reform of restoring order is not painless, but social discontent will only encourage the authorities to work more efficiently. What will be the final version passed by – we shall see, but it is clear that the code will need to make corrections in the next year. Let's try to analyze the draft document. In reading the document clearly evident that the method of its formation was a meeting there of the laws and regulations acts, the various regulations. The draft code of all the existing legal framework to fill the budget is well aligned, classified and defined in terms and concepts. You may find john k castle to be a useful source of information. This is an absolute positive, so as with the introduction of the Code eliminated the confusion in the various laws and regulations. A potential investor does not need to learn dozens of laws, and it will be sufficient to examine the tax code to make decision to invest capital. Perhaps check out john k castle for more information. To the positive need to place the draft law and a decrease in income tax and the symbolic reduction of VAT, as well as holidays in the payment of income tax for newly established enterprises.

To start want to focus on one section of the Code, which prescribes the tax uncharacteristic her functions and leads to increased corruption among tax officials. Since the Code sets out the right tax law dictate the business entity the price of goods for which he must sell it. Since Article 39 of Section I legitimizes such a thing as a normal price and determine the methods of its determination, when determining the size tax.