Virtual World

January finished and February also runs e, in this running insane person goes taking the life. All this madness if relates to the work, social, religious commitments, politicians and as much others, taking the human being to lose the real dimension of the existence. How many families destroyed for the blindness of parents who leave to see the children to grow; of husbands whom if they forget to demonstrate to its love its wives, in many cases the opposite also happens, wives who do not demonstrate love to the husbands. in this context thousand of homes is desfeitos and the problems go if extending.

The real life has its enchantments and with absolute certainty, all this agitation and many actions of the call life ‘ ‘ moderna’ ‘ they are confusing the people in you astonished seeing them of the existence. Not I want to be interpreted as retrgado and nor to have a position it opposes to the advance of the technology; I am not contrary to the progress of the virtual world, therefore he is wonderful to be able to talk virtually with somebody when one is not close. But the real life loses its enchantment when the people if become a species of robot. We live the nonsense of families, inside of its proper house, talk only for MSN, ORKUT, email, Cellular and for as much other ways related to the apparatus it virtual world; of this form if it discards the real world and the dialogue is in second plain. In this direction it is the great investigation: for where we will go with all this virtual technology? How the real world can have enchantment? In our daily one we come across in them with innumerable children who do not obtain to become social with other children, only remain intent when they are in front of the computer or with something related to the virtual world.