Snack Export

And even knowing that the new snack brand entering the market, promising, as insurance Distributors ask for any more additional surcharge or subsidiary bonus for advancement. It is only natural that, in vybivshis leaders, ceo begins to dictate their terms and distributors are forced to they go not to lose "vysokooborotisty" brand. Today, of course, for our company, the situation changed radically. Now distributor fears that the company Snack Export can take away his goods, because it is already much more money. And here it becomes quite a natural process of the fall-wide distribution margins. The fact is that if the brand has really promoted and his producer realizes that gained power and can dictate the terms on the market, it dictates the conditions of the distributor.

Manufacturer begins either to invest in the distributor's money, or drop him a margin to increase his earnings. Outputs from a distributor here only two: either to start work to produce their goods, or – to be rearranged into a pure logistics company. Access to foreign markets: advantages for a distributor and manufacturer of Snack-Export Company, starting sometime in Dnepropetrovsk, now carries out distribution not only in Ukraine but also in many other countries in Eastern Europe and cis. We operate and sell its snacks and pass the standards of our Ukrainian distribution of high quality in Russia, , Moldova, Transnistria, Bulgaria, Romania, on the order of some other countries. Access to foreign markets – a big plus for the manufacturer because always leads to a diversification of business, ie to the fact that business is becoming more secure. .