United Earth

At the end of the tunnel, you will travel very high, without aircraft, without rockets. Your soul leaving the body, will only travel in one direction: the ascending. They say that angels have wings, I don’t know, I believe that souls can travel United Earth to heaven, because Jesus call them, you can can that because the way to learn. At the end of the tunnel there will be pain as we will not have bodies, our House will be infinitely large and quiet, there will not be time and money can not buy anything. At the end of the tunnel we will not see us, but some will feel the presence of the others.

It may be that we find ourselves at the end of the tunnel. However in his marital history there are deaths if they discover it I know that they will think its purpose if that happens, I think that they kill to him with cruel eyes, fists elevations, will want to take life, and it is easy, since she is alone and will not know to defend themselves if they attack it by surprise. He will die, Yes, without reaching recover lost faith, and that, what import you God?, that while that happens, continues peacefully asleep in their paradise. With the fourth man who fell in love with Daniel, could not have been with Dani I was unable to tell you my life, I wrote, but that letter was never sent. I was unable to look you in the eye and I called by phone, but reply me you, hung it. I was unable to caress you hair, but I sent a stuffed animal to a wrong direction so that you durmieras with the. I could not discover your perfume which was then not I approached you, but this alleged fragrance was replaced by that of roses and carnations at a store of my people.