Consequently, at this time an experienced hunter is able to accurately assess how puppies perspective. With regard to exterior data, a crucial role, of course, is the origin of the puppy. Greater chance of success have puppies from the manufacturers, whose adult offspring from previous litters received at exhibitions the highest scores. A very large role in shaping the exterior of data is correct dogs, feeding and care. The best qualities of a future dog can easily be ruined by improper maintenance of dogs. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jonathan Merkh. By our rules, breeders have the right to give away puppies months old. In Europe, the puppies are beginning to give two months of age, and the litter does not leave for more than six puppies. These moments are very important.

Proved that It is with the mother's milk secured immunity to most diseases. Puppies reared up to two months look better, more active and independent. Finally, when co-host the puppies more clearly manifest character traits and inclinations. All this, of course, facilitates the selection of a puppy. Spring – the best time to buy a puppy.

During the summer it will grow stronger, and in the fall can be in the woods, the time comes and first outputs hunting. Choosing a puppy is better to produce with an experienced cynologist those familiar with the subtleties of the breed. If it is not possible, note the following: When choosing a puppy, watch his physical condition. He should be firm, plump, but not overfed. For papers still too early, it is important not to miss the obvious shortcomings.