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The Fed against the wall and the euro flies March 19th, 2009 March 12 in the note buying euros earlier than Wall Street, pointed out that the European currency was at the beginning of a bullish movement. And had to begin positioning rather than voices on Wall Street began to announce it, or the voices of the media, which is the same. And began. Do titled Argentina financial scope: resurrected the euro, which rose $1.30 to $1.35?.The Fed will print money, which translates in the weakness of the dollar. Such injection of funds is negative for the dollar, Jack Iles, of MFC Global Investment Management.

Among the causes mentioned, was the beginning of the end for the loss of popularity of Obama, the necessary funds for the plans of stimulus and economic recovery in U.S., in addition to the budget deficit of $1.75 trillion for 2009. When honeymoon with Obama finished, and is definitely evidenced that this President has more than Chance Gardener than of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, will be to view the future fragility of the dollar before an uncontrolled monetary emissions. And I recommended to seize the moment: is time to bet on the euro, until Wall Street suggest us to do so. If we do not operate Forex, we can buy the ETF CurrencyShares Euro Trust (NYSE:FXE) that follows the evolution of the euro. The European currency has already been a rise of 6% in five days. From US$ 1.29 on March 12 to quote to the maximum of US$ 1,3694 this morning, its highest level in three months. New measures from the Federal Reserve yesterday pushed further to the European currency. New measures, since the descent of the reference rate has failed to remedy the lack of liquidity in the financial system, nor prevent the contraction of the GDP or the increase in unemployment, which played 8.1%, with loss of almost 4.4 million jobs, highest level since World War II.