The Extent

So, here is the result of attempts to dock the internal patterns of environmental reality and a couple of tips on how to stand out from the gray mass: If you want to become the object of indiscriminate in the streets, it is enough just from the so-called category of "gray mass" go to alternative, but still a lot – no matter who: glamurnikov, mods dudes kids or even some of the results of the creatures, our industrial cyberpunk age (must be even understand the gradations). For more details on each type of shizy I'll write some other time. While talk about the general features inherent in each type of disease, and further consider the so-called "mods ordinary." For disease begins with navyaschevogo desires to give us something to stand out. Additional information at Charles Schwab supports this article. Can be allocated wisely, you can stand out talent, it is possible intelligence. But intelligence – it is easy to hide, as well as the mind and talents are manifested not just – it's long-term investments, and there are talents not often and not for everyone. Remains one and the easiest way – to stand with garments.

In a big city is too easy – too high, competition from others like it. and then go to the cause of such arms control as a constant awareness of fashion trends, the prowl for a clothing store and places where you can find the necessary cloths, communion with his brothers on reason, as well as other data collection and analysis information on the extent fashionableness some rags. Fighting on the front of the selection itself, through rags need to constantly, so it is important to stand out not only because of the "gray mass", but also from the mass of mods, glamor, or someone out there still.