Stencil Pattern

Application of pattern on glass and mirror allows for any, even most creative, the ideas for the interior design of various types of establishments: restaurants, nightclubs, spas, fitness clubs, administrative institutions, shopping centers, office and residential space. For registration ceilings and walls, there are three types of surface materials: mirror-reflective, with a natural mirror image, mirror-matte, frosted surface of the mirror is completely different colors, translucent glass, from Frosted glass, filling the room a soft glow. Any mirror surfaces is possible to apply a decorative pattern of two types – clear and colored. Colorless, ie, without lacquer filling pattern in illumination of a specific colored light glows the same color. Color image is created by pouring a colorless figure with a special varnish and looks much brighter and bigger. Drawing on a matted translucent glass can also be colorless, which makes the ceiling look more restrained and elegant, and can also be filled with special colored lacquer for a more expressive and vivid form.

The design ceiling or walls choice pattern and degree of saturation of color is determined by the appointment of the premises and the customer's wishes. Some people prefer bright colored ceiling, turning the room into the core. Another suitable pattern of pastel colors, creating an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Even very small details with a decorative pattern on the mirror or the glass ceiling make the room more yakrim and individual, and even more particularly pleased that the design of a ceiling, based on the preferences of the customer, not a repetition or a standard option, and is unique to our designers. To work using an extensive library Stencil paintings, ornaments of various themes: abstract, geometric shapes, national motifs, flora, fauna and the marine world of childhood, the romantic theme, space theme, zodiac signs, classic, logos and brands. It is also possible to make a stencil on an individual customer's design. All figures are divided into six components: direct Kant Kant Kant corner of the end fragment central image image Figure around the hole for the lamp.

Drawing up of various combinations of the components of a pattern involves a large number of options for decorating the ceiling space. This work may carry as the customer himself, and designers of our company, always ready to offer my professional services. We are always glad to see you among our partners. CC 'WORLD CEILING' – suspended ceilings, suspended ceilings