Appreciate Antiques

How to better evaluate the icon? Where better to sell now? These and other questions frequently asked by those who have houses antiques and wants to sell it. To date, the interet a very large number of antique salons and shops offering services to evaluate and purchase. But the question remains open-. Where is best to seek? The question is simple. It is better to go to the shop that works directly without intermediaries, and has koleektsionerami staffed ekspetov each of whom specializes in no more than a track different directions. Where can you find such a place.

These stores are in St. Petersburg and Moscow. One is the Antique shop 'Empire' in St. Petersburg, its web address. This antique shop is working directly with collectors and their name and make purchases of antiques which immediately sent to a specialized collection. This gives opportunity to pay more money for antiques. Since his earnings are not similar shops with antiques they buy from a collector who pays for the selection and preparation of the collection. You can make an assessment and on-line and sell.