Isabel Varell – All Matter Of Opinion – In The Test By Holger Sturenburg

Review by Isabel Varell – all matter of opinion what has become just 51 years old multitalented ISABEL VARELL in his life not so done! The langmahnige Lady played serious and light-hearted roles in the theater, sang in various musicals, acted as a film actress, appeared on television frequently with comedian Hape Kerkeling or the ARD Saturday evening show understanding fun? \”as so-called decoy. She took on March 29, 1990, in the German pre-selection for the Grand Prix Eurovision de la chanson\”in Munich part, hosted the legendary current show booth from time to time after the Millennium\” of the NDR, worked for WDR 4 and 2004 even settled down, a star Holt mich hier raus the second season I am controversial RTL reality show!\”to attend. A few months ago, she has a starring role in the ARD-telenovela red roses\”taken over. In the meantime published Isabel Varell, after 1981, again and again their own singles, of which for example you by its discoverer Jack White produced rock pop baby \”\” Rock’n ‘ roll\”(1983), dreamy\” (1984), which is the Sun on\”(1985) or about Indestructible Love\” (1989) and melody d’Amour \”(1990), which in turn were composed by her short-time spouses Drafi Deutscher and arranged, as did out some success. Although himself the big breakthrough in the local pop scene for Isabel Varell never really wanted to be, she has established itself at least long as interpreter like heard radio perennial even if it rarely worked with the entry in the Verkaufcharts. A few weeks ago, the brunette singer from the lower Rhine Kempen put overall fifth album on all matter of opinion\”in their new contract partner PALM records (distribution: SONY) before. Together with producer Willy Kluter, who has worked previously for Ingrid Peters, Andreas Zaron, Michael Morgan, Gaby Albrecht or Vivian Lindt, wrote the young-at-heart all-round artist, one exception aside, all twelve new \”\” Songs themselves, which added two remixes by night \”, with the long-player was released at the same time, this trade single, as well as the bonus track of the corresponding Maxi-CD, the danceable Discofox number when love begins new\”,. .