In a world so busy and so full of need are systems that can encourage the development of our daily activities. The backpacks are an excellent option for people who are loaded with all-day objects. The backpacks are a set of luggage that is carried on the back, using a mooring system which can vary from eight straps up, the backpacks are now charging system, both objects and documents most commonly used as offers the advantage of ease of carrying them back without having to make a great physical effort. The history of modern backpacks have their origins in Babylon and Egypt, where agriculture was the great founder due to grain harvest and fruit were made in a sort of backpack, which consisted of several moorings that hold the body, In order to facilitate and increase the collection of products. It is good to note that these bags were initially somewhat uncomfortable, since they are prepared on the basis of mud and dried plants could be heavy and somewhat tortuous in fieldwork. Today backpacks are built in endless material to make it adaptable to the body and those further to the daily work.

The wide range of bags has led to such an extent that the divisions that have had these made the mother of the article. Some of them like: Backpacks Luggage: Backpacks are developed to accommodate a large number of personal items. The big difference is that with conventional backpack, is that these radachines were added to facilitate transport. School Backpacks: These bags are specially designed to study, because these have a large number of pockets where you can save a lot of useful. baby carriers are those which are designed to carry a baby inside, although it should be clear that these packs consist of a single compartment well ventilated so that the baby has no breathing problems. craft Backpacks: These bags are usually made by people in communities or indigenous people who develop this type of practice are made with natural elements and tissues generally represent the region where they were built. Backpacks labor: they are made to have a high load capacity thanks to their large sizes, a clear example of these companies are used in messaging. The big difference that preserve these backpacks with conventional materials is that their production is particularly strong, without commenting on their size. As demonstrated earlier that backpacks are an excellent choice to carry any load, plus they offer the facility for daily work make it a very useful tool in the daily life of a person.