Risk Trading

And then what? The market is still cheating on you because you have something wrong taken into account or something is not noticed. It would seem that the market can not be trusted, in fact you can not trust yourself. You have two options – to learn a set of behaviors of the market (the road to nowhere), or to alter its market behavior so that you fully accept the risk and fear are absent. Once you reach the point where the risk is accepted in full, you'll Nehi more painfully market information. And if you do not perceive the painful market information, you are destroying the basis for the oscillations, rationalization, hasty decisions, hopes that the market will give you money or hope that the market will save you from failure to timely close trading position.

And what's the solution? Need to reshape your beliefs and attitudes to trading so that you could trade without the slightest fear, but at the same time were collected and did not allow themselves negligence. Trading – an activity that offers everyone the infinite freedom of expression, a freedom that most of us have been deprived of his life. We were all born in a social environment with set of restrictions, regulations, ethics, etc. The public need for the restrictions and personal desire to express themselves in conflict. Anyone trying to master the art of trading faced with this conflict. Trade is an environment where we have set themselves rules of conduct. There are almost no boundaries and limitations to our self-expression.