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Find an answer in 3D at the cinec, which will take place in Munich from September 18-20 the new technology raises new questions. In the extensive seminar programme of the cinec, experts give an insight into the stereoscopy for all of the producers up to the cinema operator. The hype’s serious: for many productions, stereo-3D is the format of the future. No animated film from the big US studios, which do not also appears in the three-dimensional version, and also “real”action and adventure spectacle focus more and more on the stereoscopic recording. Who wants to impress a preferably large audience with huge image effects, seems no longer come cinema.

The manufacturers also have the classic film technology already recognized. Arri emphasizes on the new digital camera Alexa especially the inclusion of stereo 3D content. At the which comes three Musketeers Alexa on the James Cameron and Vince DoP pace developed fusion 3D rig used Arri is also involved in post production. In London and Paris Martin Scorsese at the time Hugo Cabret “, in the United States Michael Bay the third film the transformers -series and starts in Germany Christian Ditter later this month with Wickie on great ride”, the continuation of the children’s adventure”Wickie and the strong men all Stereo-3D productions with the Alexa. Due to the compact design and numerous mounting options, the camera is easy to integrate in stereo 3D rigs and could easily in all directions be operated regardless of whether upright or on the standing head is mounted, the manufacturer declares. The calibration in the 3D rig will facilitated by the high mounting precision, the whole camera and especially of the sensor. The high light sensitivity is another advantage, because only half of the original light comes on when used in Spiegelrigs, the Munich is communicated. All areas of the film, not just the recording technology are affected by the new technology.