Hookah Does Not Equal Health

People have long shown special interest in intoxicating substances, and get great pleasure in experimenting with different and new materials. To this end, they felt the need for multiple devices. One of these devices called narghile, also known to mankind as a hookah, water pipe, or bubbly hubby. The investigation shows that hookahs came five centuries ago, first used in India, and later received spread in the Middle East, East Asia, Egypt, Arabia, Persia, North and East Africa. Nowadays, hookah smoking is even more popular than in the past. Perhaps this is due to the fact that wholesale hookahs in our country were brought recently and now every person has the opportunity to choose and buy him a favorite hookah from thousands of suggestions.

But there is a misconception that smoking hookah is safer for health than cigarettes, that the water used in the hookah makes the tobacco less toxic. Unfortunately, this is – a myth. According to the md Clinic Mayo pulmonologist Edward Rosenow tobacco is no less poisonous, but hookah smokers actually inhale more tobacco smoke than do people who smoke regular cigarettes. Hookah device consists of four parts: – a basis that is partially filled with water – a ball that contains tobacco and hookah coal (heating source) – a tube, which connects the bowl to the base – the hose, the second tube in the tube, which does not fall into the water and allow smoke to inhale hookah. When a smoker inhales through the tube, the pressure causes the air by the source and heats the tobacco, which emits smoke. The smoke is separated from the tobacco and passes through the water in the ground – from which the smoker inhales. Although many believe that the water in the hookah filters out all the 'bad stuff' in tobacco smoke, this is not true. Even after the passage of through water, tobacco smoke still contains high levels of toxic compounds, including carbon monoxide, heavy metals and cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens).