Diagnostics Laboratory

On the other hand, the impact of all factors that weaken the immune system, disturbances in the diet (especially the predominance of carbohydrate foods, sugars) promotes the proliferation of Giardia and development of disease recurrence with the whole complex of symptoms, including those with the skin side. Diagnostics Laboratory diagnosis of giardiasis is diverse, but also difficult, especially if only used scatological research methods. Analysis of failures in the identification of Giardia in the investigation of faecal possible to systematize the main causes of failures, false-negative results. These include: improperly collected material for the study (solid fraction of feces from the lower segments of the colon); representation lab stool while taking medicines (antibiotics, antacids, antidiarrheal means, laxatives, etc.), damaging the morphology of the parasites, the error of laboratory studies (not used all the methods preparation of material, poor quality smear preparation, lack of insistence on the examination of the drug) and the study of feces in the so-called "silent" period, when the selection is terminated lamblia cysts (for a period of 8-14 days) elimination of these causes at the first examination of feces to identify Giardia may already have 76% of patients after the second study the probability increases to 90%. However, the detection of Giardia cysts in feces is not always possible when Giardiasis, confirmed by other methods. Inconsistent separation of cysts from feces requires repeated studies of feces, as well as using other methods of laboratory analysis. Scatological method is most affordable, but also the least informative, but to improve the detection of Giardia in the faeces can introduce the following modifications: the use of liquid fractions of feces from the last portion (adjacent to the small intestine) collected from 6-7 places by scraping, should not be used in medicine for 5-7 days to get a chair with constipation can be used candles – glycerin and bisakoldil); preservation in a glass container with 10% formalin or mertiolatenodin formalin-MISE, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) for several days weakened portions of feces (preservatives do not destroy the cysts of Giardia), different staining techniques smear faeces – Lugol's iodine solution or trihromom gamatoksilinom iron. .