Foreign Currency

The certificates of deposit in foreign currency are titles that contain a promise of payment of credit content, and deben comply with the characteristics referred to in this article, such as be issued to bearer or to the order of certain person, by a company of the national financial system; they can be in the term determinado and not more than one year from its date of issue; and they can be traded freely, through its simple delivery or, in your case, by endorsement, either privately or through the centralized trading mechanisms. your transmission is performed with the purpose of the assignment of receivables, because as stated in article 222, these titles are not subject to joint and several liability of securities values, being the unique obligados to pay the issuing undertaking and their guarantors.

The minimum amount of the title is thousand dollars and is payable in the same currency, without its being necessary to expressly agree on the modalidad of the payment under article 50 of the law of securities values. the title can classify short-term on the grounds that the inc. (d) noted that the time limit for payment may not exceed of a year contado from the date of their issuance. You can negotiate freely; If it’s a title to order is transferred by endorsement and if it is bearer by delivery (inc. e), bargaining can perform privately or through the centralized trading mechanisms such as stock exchanges.