Church Bourgeoisie

But these sectors, unions powerful economic oligarchy, seized a thousand wonders ideological and systemic defect of popular mobilization and “lack of grip of the democratic parties, to fill critical positions in the new government.” The crux of this issue is to understand how the old and new bourgeoisie, who initially supported the dictator and at the end he withdrew his affection to understand the imminent fall and suffer in their own pocket also brunt of the fiscal crisis (living linked to government revenue), performs a calculation played late and pass the front antidictatorship shape, formed by the almost full of political, institutional and social time. Namely, Armed Forces, Popular Forces, Church, political parties and sectors of the bourgeoisie at the end. Such consensus killed the dictatorship, as is known.

But … “all their actions of the bourgeoisie was guided by the goal of maintaining political power for themselves, preserve intact the structure of the state, contain the democratic movement, transformations curb anti-feudal and national liberation and frame the Venezuelan political process in the narrow field of slow reforms that did not resolve the great problems of the country or the masses. ” Done Desencuentro class that makes the issue a matter of class actions, where one acts quickly to preserve their interests and another was withdrawn by virtue of lack of awareness program about the historic moment that was lived and the kind of country that is brewing. The popular forces were not clear about the type of government would have to come after the fall, much less hints about good or bad faith of the various forces that participated in the uprising.