Annual Budgetary Law

These legal instruments determine that the public budgetary process in Brazil is constituted by the Plurianual Plan (PPA), for the Law of Budgetary Lines of direction and the Annual Budgetary Law. In the PPA they are determined and established the goals and the lines of direction as for the expenses of expenditure, investments, indebtedness, etc. for the period of four years. Thus, the PPA is voted to each four years. The Budgetary Law of Lines of direction is the document that serve of person who orientates and maker for the elaboration of the annual budget, in this law the types are determined and the magnitudes of the expenses that must contain in the budget of the following year. The Annual Budgetary Law is the proper budget to be voted in the legislative one in each one of the spheres of the Brazilian federacy.

In this law it must contain all the types of prescriptions foreseen for the next year, presenting the values and the origins of such resources. They must contain all the expenses, mentioning values and the one that if destine. The values of the providence, as much must be presented the values received from the contributors how much the paid values. The same it must occur with the amortization and refinancing of the debt public. Also the investments of the state-owned companies must be voted. The budget of expenditure of these companies, although to have the necessity of approval of the agency which is tied it does not have necessity of being approved by the legislative one. Although the existence of some mechanisms that make it difficult the corruption, of terms some agencies of control as the Court of Accounts of the Union, the Courts of Accounts of the States and some Cities, of the General Controladoria of the Union, the Public prosecution service, the media and several other mechanisms to fight the lack of morality in the treatment with the public thing still exist many examples that they raise each time more the discredit that the society Brazilian has with regard to the public personalities. Laws as the Law of Fiscal Responsibility and others as the Law of the Licitations, although to be very important, are not being capable to prevent that the resources voted in the budget are deviated for other purposes, many times for benefits of particular. The budget is a part that to the being voted for the legislative a sancionado for the executive must be well-taken care of with the zeal maximum because in it the resources of the society and the attendance of the necessities of this consist same society.