The Passport

Since when? "," If now I leave a copy of the passport, itn and information about salary, tomorrow will be the solution? ". Here – as in this box – largely on who is first able to impose its own rules of the game depends on the final the result of a fight. In other words – the customer will lose more than gain if there will be something to hide from the bank (for example, the problem with getting permission for a loan from his wife) or as a child in the candy, will respond to "Promotional" statements of bank employees about rates, terms, etc. Better than all the "problem points" to sound the bank immediately and get him an objective response than something to hide, wait for the bank all this out, and then blame the manager's refusal to grant credit for buying cars. On the other hand, the same information can be fed differently. The client, who lives in a rented apartment, can voice a more modest amount of rent than the reality. This can be considered an exchange of blows, when the bank refuses to take into account additional income clients or do not fully take into account the salaries "in an envelope." Each client is doing at your own risk, but potentially, it could be interpreted as giving the bank distorted information (which nobody can not check). Actually, for such battles, the client can and should be prepared on the Internet or take a solo Coaches loan broker or a friend, recently adorned the car loan.