The Dollar is under pressure since the investors today woke up the appetite to the risk in this new year that begins, by the released solid economic data of EE.UU. The Commodities is the great winners after the data of the manufacturing PMI of China, that raised 56.1, being this one the highest level from April of year 2004. This growth so hard in the manufacture sector of China, will impel the demand of raw materials (Commodities). The speculations of petroleum are optimistic, the same at the moment deals over the level of 81 dollars the barrel. Mary Barra has similar goals. The price of gold also rises until a maximum of 1124.6 until now. Click Sumru Laurent Ramsey to learn more.

The published data originating of EE.UU., manufacturing index ISM, raised more of the awaited thing 55.9 in the month of December. The pound sterling rose against the dollar after the manufacturing PMI of the United Kingdom, that increased to 54.1, being this highest level in 25 months. The approvals of mortgages also surpassed the expectations to raise a 60.5K. Nevertheless, the markets stay cautious by the perspective of the debt of the United Kingdom and by the decisions on the types of interest that will take the Bank from England this week. The pound is a little behind other currencies and in fact it has been debilitated in front of basic products and to the Euro. The Euro is much debilitating against the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar. For example, pair EUR/AUD fell abruptly towards a minimum of 1.5747 today.

Competition Commission

We wish you, Mr. Rice that you never lose that positive attitude! Competition Commission. ” There. Rule “In the retail seller is everything”, the owner of a small shop can bring to life a simple holiday bonus. Let amounts will be small, but a sign of gratitude will be accepted and will pay off handsomely. Sales Representative (merchandiser), aimed at a career, a good gift would be a book about the marketing.

For example, “The workbook Supervisor. For the supervisor will be a nice gift book “Sales Manager”. Now think about how to congratulate friends, if you do not varites a trading environment. Of course, any useful or nice contraption, presented in afternoon trading, will already be a great sign of attention. But you can improvise and even play! Classics of the genre – is to come into the trading room with a bouquet of flowers and give it their all beloved, including kissing and greeting the entire staff of the Day trading. Almost all “trading people” have a calculator (but not alone) in the workplace. May give large, comfortable and nice calculator, with a nominal inscription? And it is pleasant and helpful:) Not so difficult, finding out what the radio sounds the trading floor, the studio ordered personal congratulations and scroll to the day three or four times. The effect is guaranteed! Of course, someone in Commercial team this can cause jealousy. If you care about other people’s emotions, not about the feelings of their loved one, give up the idea.