Law Health

The Health department did not create subsidies of proper financings for CAPS and NAPS, the regulations foresaw the normatizaes of new services for daily attention, as well as, fiscalization and classification of the psychiatric hospitals, this norm still was very deficit not foreseeing the reduction of stream beds. In 1992 he was registered according to Health department about 208 CAPS in functioning, being approximately 93% of resources destined to the psychiatric hospitals. (Health department, 2005, P. 8) III the National Meeting of Entities of Familiar Users and of the Antimanicomial Fight that happened in 1993 had the participation accomplishes more than of fifty associations of all the country, from this meeting it was created the Letter of Right and Duties in which it defended the basic principles how much to the assistance in mental health. 2.2.1 Politics of mental health in Brazil the year of 2001 is one year of conquest for the Psychiatric Reformation in Brazil, with the promulgation of Law 10,216, on which it was based for the project of Law of Thin Pablo, passing 12 years to be approved by the National Congress. In accordance with Federal Law 10,216 it redirects the assistance in mental health, privileging the oferecimento of treatment in services of communitarian base, makes use on the protection and the rights of the people with mental treatments, but she does not institute clear mechanisms for the gradual extinguishing of the lunatic asylums. (Health department, 2005).

With the accomplishment in Brasilia of III the National Conference of Mental Health and ownership of Law 10,216 the consolidation of the Politics of Mental Health with the lines of direction of the Psychiatric Reformation happens gaining more confirmation. This event counted on the participation accomplishes of the users of services of health, familiar, professional of the area of health, social movements in a total of 23.000 people. (Ibid., 2005) the result of this Conference generated a Final Report, that conducts principles, lines of direction and strategies of changes in the attention in mental health in Brazil, having as norteadora base the proposals of the Psychiatric Reformation that to the end is consolidated as government politics, with this the CAPS gains attribution of strategical value changing itself for the assistance model.