MAZ System

This is the way to our colleagues, which specifies the "tricky" questions – they say, why drive the truck tractor MAZ works when installed on it counters VZO 8 (Maximum capacity of 200 liters per hour) at idle, but can not move and deaf. Consider the most common and distinctive option – when in the measured range values of flow in the fuel line supply has an error, close to the maximum of "+" sign, and return – as close to the maximum allowed, but with a negative sign (-). Thus, when the flow of 240 l / h and consumption of 30 liters / hour, we have the flowmeter A V1 = 240 * 1.01 = 242.4 l / h flow readings 2 V2 = (240-30) * 0,99 = 207,9 l / h Fuel consumption 34.5 l / h Fuel actual 30.0 l / h. The error In fact, until: (34,5-30,0) / 30.0 * 100% = + / – 15% In general, the overall accuracy of the system of two fuel flow meters forward and reverse flow is given by: + / = + Rsistemy / – R x (Vpryamoy Vobratny +) / (Vpryamoy – Vobratny), (2) where Rsistemy – total system error, R – relative (passport) the accuracy of flow in the system (assuming its the same), Vpryamoy – direct fuel consumption, Vobratny – the reverse flow of fuel. Of This formula is obvious that at low costs and high flow without any additional measures the error of such a system would seek to huge values in order exceeding the claimed accuracy of the actual flowmeters. .

Surveillance System

In today's world a very important role in security has video surveillance as a method of detecting action potential intruders. Competently and professionally installed video surveillance system can play an important role in returning stolen property, to help find criminals or prevent a crime in a timely manner. Each time the installation question – what will be installed in observation and performance, what tasks it will be focused. And, on the basis of already existing clear concept – created by arrangement of cameras, the choice of the purchased equipment, its installation, configuration and maintenance. In the vast diversity facilities offered by the manufacturers were, it's easy to get confused and give up the case, finding it too complicated. In fact, nothing is impossible, it is enough to spend some time learning characteristics of different types of devices and then choose for themselves what the video surveillance system will be more appropriate. First we need to identify areas that require monitoring. Be it office, warehouse, or a house – there is no need to install security cameras in every room.

No tangible benefits this move will not, by contrast, will increase the cost of inputs. There is no need to put surveillance in hallways with no strategic importance, whether, for example, the path to the rest room, or place of eating people. The first step is a video surveillance system is put in rooms with safes, a checkout on space, rooms management. Also, pay attention and put the camera is on every existing entrance to the building and the parking area. If you are installing surveillance, for example in a shop – a video surveillance system is put on the trading floor, it can be used for so-called dome cameras – they look like a tip, mounted on the ceiling of the room and not attract attention to their understated design.