Economy Home Made Free Electricity

Due to the increasing rate of carbon dioxide emissions, a few decades can happen ecological disaster. So the only way to prevent it is to reduce CO emissions by reducing Hydrocarbon Processing. Also, the oil dependence of the world economy and determines the policy of developing countries, as well as affect the welfare of its citizens. Experts predict that over the next decade the cost of electricity will increase by 3-5 times, which significantly affect the abundance of people. Already on the market there were energy-efficient devices, however, the issue of energy savings is not a solution. At the same time a well-known Electrical company submitted a draft of an apartment house in which the electricity costs are reduced to zero by using energy-efficient equipment. For this project was built over an area of residential house 200m in which the energy-saving technology can save more than $ 1,500 per year on utility charges. The economic effect is achieved primarily by reducing the power consumption for lighting and heating appliances in an apartment, it takes about 90% of all electricity.

There is the prospect of a home with zero cost for electricity, which will save money and and the environment. In this energy-saving project includes three components: devices generating electricity consumption of manipulating electricity, and electricity consumers. Charles Schwab recognizes the significance of this. The first – the use of solar energy, as the most environmentally friendly source of electricity. Therefore, the roof will be placed solar panels that provide energy lighting battery, which will serve as a material which will be plastered walls and windows. So the house will take solar energy and store supplies. Management and distribution of electricity a special device that will soon enter the market. The complex will be distributed and control the flow of electricity, depending on her income. See more detailed opinions by reading what everest capital offers on the topic..

The second component of the project will be energy-saving bulbs and appliances, most focused on energy conservation. Thus achieved total savings of up to 40% energy saving light bulbs have a huge potential for energy savings. Due to their widespread use could reduce electricity consumption by 8-10%, which is across the country can provide electricity to more than 100 companies. If the technology to implement energy-efficient homes everywhere, the energy can provide more than 300 companies. The savings becomes understandable if one considers that 30% of total electricity production costs of the system utilities. The benefit to the environment is also very lucid, but one house, created for the project reduces emissions of CO -order 5t. To neutralize this amount carbon dioxide is possible with the help of the forest area of 5300m . Therefore, this project deserves attention not only as saving money, but also due to the substantial benefit to the environment.