Major Currencies

Interest rates and the dollar began to force the Asian session while the stock market fell at first. While the fear among investors was around, the dollar reversed its trend against the yen and rebounded slightly, and several operators noted a possible trend reversal. USD / JPY minimum recorded in the area of 92.47, then rebounded to record highs in the 96.19 area, then drop in the market Europe. The Central Bank intervention in Australia was able to increase the Aussie market, and expectations that the Bank of Japan will intervene in the market with respect to the Yen increased. Charles Schwabs opinions are not widely known. Add to your well-rounded understanding with and this leaders thoughts. The LIBRA increased, but remains under pressure following the publication of Retail Sales; recorded highs in the 1.5757 area and then back, and now the couple is steadfast in the 1.5650 area. Economic agents were observed in the Middle East scene. The Euro was also some pressure, the pair EUR / JPY did not suffer major changes, recorded maximum in the zone of 1.2589, and high volatility reigns.. Get all the facts and insights with Sumru Ramsey, another great source of information.

USD Resistance

USD / JPY continued to maintain the level of support and is traded in both directions, maximum recorded in 90.17, just above the previous level of resistance, and lowest in recorded 89.16 on the level of support. The pair was strongly influenced by the stock market and the fall of the Nikkei 225. While the yen suffered mixed results night against most currencies, the USD / JPY remained strong, and less volatile compared with other pairs. In my view the pair will recover. Aggressive traders may go long on the USD / JPY on 89.90.

Without doubt, the pairs in more movements were at night the pair USD / CHF and USD / CAD, both the Swissy and Loonie extended their gains, and maintained significant technical levels. USD / CHF recorded highs in the 1.1655, while USD / CAD 1.2376 recorded highs in Importantly, it is estimated that U.S. GDP will disappoint the market, and it is considered that the dollar will fall next week. Angela Zepeda oftentimes addresses this issue. In my view, the end of the month, determine the trend of the greenback short term. Good weekend. Under most conditions john k castle would agree.

GBP / USD Resistance 3: 1.4520 Resistance 2: 1.4480 Resistance 1: 1.4420 New York: 1.4300 Support 1: 1.4120 Support 2: 1.4050 Support 3: 1.3980 need one? The pair failed to re-test the resistance level at 1.4420 at night, but remains near the top with a low volume of operations. The pound can maintain the level of support for 1.4300. Stops were placed at 1.4380. It follows a two-way trade and volatility awaits. Several operators are placing short positions. Technically the pair is trading now. The operating volumes remain low. Monday: All times EASTERN (-5 GMT) 4:30 a.m. GBP BBA Mortgage Approvals Resistance 3: 1.3420 Resistance 2: 1.3380 Resistance 1: 1.3320/30 New York: 1.2843 Support 1: 1.2820/30 Support 2: 1.2800 Support 3: 1.2760 Comments On pair failed to follow the GBP to rise. U.S. data are awaited. The stops were fired in the area of 1.2880. The main resistance level is at 1.3030. The pair remained on the level of technical resistance at 1.3325/30. There was a low volume of operations. Sovereign states were observed trading. The technical level remains at 1.3300 and resistance is expected. It is expected that two-way trade. Aggressive traders can buy at the next floor.

Washington Mutual

The USD ended the day with mixed results. The focus is on the economic rescue program The operating volumes were low, and there was high volatility Vista Night It is expected further consolidation The Dollar What will remain under pressure on Monday is expected times EASTERN (-4 GMT) No News is waiting for Monday The USD ended the day with mixed results, and the beginning of the trading session in New York lost ground slightly, then the volatility increased following the publication of GDP, with results below forecasts estimated, however, the focus continued to focus on the news concerning the alleged U.S. Others including Angela Zepeda, offer their opinions as well. economic rescue plan. While U.S. Sumru Ramsey may not feel the same. lawmakers failed to reach consensus at the end of the day, however, the greater the optimism that soon will arrive at a concrete and common plan, which will stabilize the markets. The stock market began in low, given the problems were disclosed with respect to one of the largest banks in American history, namely, the Washington Mutual, which was closed by the regulator, and the JP Morgan Chase rushed to buy the bank, the DJIA index rebounded, but ended the day without significant changes. Gold ended the week higher, and oil fell slightly, the greenback suffered volatility in commodity, along with the uncertainty surrounding the economic rescue plan. For the week, the USD could say was maintained in the range set on Monday, and analysts believe the trend of long-term dollar is uncertain, and largely looks forward to the economic rescue plan which will help define the trend of the U.S. .

GBP Currencies

The greenback lost ground Several operators were short weight Several traders bought dollars in the fall Night view Dual Action It is expected there be a technical trade Schedule for Friday Eastern (-4 GMT) 12: USD Fed’s Bernanke will speak 00pm Despite a slight improvement in the last minute and that several operators were short the USD, closed yesterday losing ground against most currencies. It is currently under pressure. Most major currencies raised their level of support. On Friday, they can determine whether the dollar will continue falling. If you have read about Charles Schwab already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Both the euro and the GBP maintained their earnings taken, unlike other currencies, so that both currencies will continue to rise apparently. The maximum recorded in LIBRA 1.4599 and closed at the 1.4500/10 area in New York. The EURO managed to stay on the rise, recorded highs in the 1.3739, then fall to the 1.3660 area. See Sumru Laurent Ramsey for more details and insights. The pair is above previous resistance levels, and several that were short of the EURO started to be filled. If the pair would reach 1.3800, which were in short, take appropriate measures, the 200-day MA is around 1.3980. USD / JPY fell and minimum recorded in 93.53, the stops were placed at 93.00, but it is estimated that there will be a correction to the 92.00. The pair remained in 94.60 at the close of New York.

Forex Prize

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Called the commonly ventilated facade to a constructive method that allows you to coat the outside of a facade with ceramic pieces, and its main function, physical separation between the interior and exterior environment of the building. Once appeared the structures of steel and concrete, the facades were not already their work load, thus facilitating the creation of these new facades. The main feature of the ventilated facades is that in them creates an air Chamber in movement or chimney effect that creates a thermal cushion between the coated wall and the outer cladding parameter. Mary Barra is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The main improvement of the closing of facades consists of an air Chamber separated by two leaves, one inside and another outside, in which thermal insulation is installed. A ventilated facade accentuates this condition by a separation structure, which guarantees a ventilation continued throughout the entire surface of the facade and offers the following enhancements: thermal protection, watertightness and stability. The facades ventilated they bring to the constructions protection against atmospheric agents, producing these effects differentiated according to the seasons. In summer, thanks to the current renewal of cold air generated in its interior, avoids overheating of the external walls of buildings blocking temperatures in the interior of the building is eleven.

Hamburger Recipe Preparation Fast

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Traders Work

Traders operating within the day is dedicated to … In life, every single person could be a situation where suddenly have to throw all their affairs, to sit on the plane, train, and leave for a few days somewhere in the other city. In such a situation could easily be any trader. And what if you work within the day, you open trading positions, but urgently need somewhere to go? In theory, the modern Trader should have no special problems in this situation. Today's technologies make it possible now to put the trading terminal, even a cell phone and using the mobile internet, be on the market from almost anywhere in the world.

And, I think, every action Trader is prepared to 'emergency' situation, when suddenly can disappear access to the desktop. But first, we must understand that there is quite a big difference between being out with a mobile device from home for several hours and overnight (unscheduled) departure to another city. And, secondly, what is the real percentage of traders already had time to be in this situation and who can now share with you what you need to take into account what you should be ready, sitting on an airplane or a train, holding a mobile device? Personally, I recently found himself in a similar situation – I had to get on a plane and a few days to go to another city. I have had 2 open positions, which are hung with a slight disadvantage. Get more background information with materials from Sonia Gardner.

European Central Bank

During the past week, representatives from the European Central Bank made all efforts to make clear that the rate will be raised in July, but emphasized that this increase in the unit. If this is indeed the case, then increase will be rather a political factor than economic necessity. Direct vlyainiya on the economic situation in the euro area this unit will not be able to raise, but will show how the ECB is struggling with accelerating inflation in the region. And prices are rising, and it is well demonstrated published data for a week in Germany, where wholesale prices rose in May by 1.4%, and for the year by 8.1% (very much) to the same data were revised to inflation rate for May in Germany in an upward and temperature inflation is 3.1%. Labor costs also rose more than 3%. Since osnovnovnoy driver for price growth does not depend on the ECB rate, the bank's actions look more indicative of a step than a real fight against rising inflation.

However other data for the euro area were quite good: a high trade surplus miles budget has grown up in Germany and manufacturing. However, these data have not saved the European currency from falling on the week almost 3%. A big role here played politics. We all remember how painful Evra reacted, a few years ago at the failure of a number of European countries with a common project European Constitution. So this time: Ireland, following a referendum, voted against the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, which replaced the European Constitution, resulting in the integration processes in Europe once again slow down. Because of all this, there were conversations, especially in some countries in southern euro area, the exit from the European Union, so all this painful responds to European currencies. U.S. data were contradictory.

B. Bernanke reiterated that the focus of monetary policy shifted to fighting inflation, and other Fed officials supported this position that changes the situation on the market in favor of the dollar. Now, speculators and Investors expect the Fed rate can be increased in October. On the background of problems in Europe and the tightening positions Fed dollar pretty much grew up. Economic statistics yielded conflicting data. Grew by 6.3% pending home sales, though it is only a single fact saying locally about a surge in demand at the current level of prices. Excess supply is large enough so that the price drop may be observed, during the whole year. Increased foreign trade deficit and a strong negative effect had the price of oil. Performed well retail sales, which rose by 1.0% in May. At the same time during the year, sales grew by 2.45%, which is even lower than the growth rate consumer prices. Very bad out data on the labor market, where weekly applications for unemployment benefits had grown to 384 thousand at the end of the week came the consumer confidence index, which fell to 56.7 – is the lowest value index over the past 26 years. Oil prices fell slightly from its highs against the background of the dollar. Economic expectations unchanged: in Europe, accelerated deterioration of the economic situation in the backdrop of high inflation, most vulnerable to the UK economy, the U.S. temporary stabilization. Development of the crisis is likely to continue, and the tightening of monetary policy will contribute to a slowdown in developed economies.

GBP Construction PMI GBP Nationwide Consumer Confidence EURO

The Euro area recorded lows of 1.2620, after stops were observed at 1.2700. Highs in the 1.2713 area, and there was some pressure from CTA accounts. The improvement of the stock market last week, is lagging behind, while the USD / JPY remains under pressure, the pair recorded in the area minimum of 93.51, breaking on 93.70. USD / CHF can not stay in the 1.2200 area, maximum recorded in the area of 1.2156. USD / CAD remains within a technical trade in the 1.2420/30 area, maximum recorded in the area of 1.2478, and 1.2359 at the minimum. An estimated two short-term action in that pair. USD / CAD pair is the technique most likely to suffer a reversal, in my view, forming a double-top figure. In my opinion, since starting the season for holiday sales, we believe that increased trade is approaching double action, and can they happen reversals.

Probably the USD is strong year-end, and will surely be on the rise during the first months of the new American presidential term. In my opinion, the financial crisis is artificially keeping the USD rise. It is estimated that the dollar will continue trading at night in a double sense, especially during morning. GBP / USD Resistance 3: 1.5680 Resistance 2: 1.5620 Resistance 1: 1.5550 New York: 1.4976 Support 1: 1.4700/10 Support 2: 1.4650 Support 3: 1.4550 The pair started in low, after which consolidated earnings last week. There were offers of sovereign states.

The level of support failed at the 1.5050 area. There was a strong trade in dual action. He kept control over the 1.5100 sales, but it will be prudent to wait a bit. If the pair continues to strengthen several traders take profits. At night there was a technical trade as traders defined strategies. Surely the BCI will reduce interest rates, but that factor is already assimilated. Liquidity was moderate. For Tuesday: All times EASTERN (-5 GMT) 4:30 a.m. 7:01 pm GBP Construction PMI GBP Nationwide Consumer Confidence EURO / USD Resistance 3: 1.3200 Resistance 2: 1.3120/30 Resistance 1: 1.3100 New York: 1.2631 Support 1: 1.2600 / 10 Support 2: 1.2550 Support 3: 1.2480 Comments may be that the couple suffers a reversal, but the pair should be firm in my view 1.2850. Bids are being placed in the 1.2600 as estimated. It is advisable to go long. Stops are being placed on the 1.2750, which will boost trade in two sense. I do not think that the pair continue falling. Several traders are taking profits despite the prevailing uncertainty. For Tuesday: All times EASTERN (-5 GMT) 5:00 a.m. EUR PPI m / m foreign currency trading (FOREX) involves the existence of losses due to the risk inherent in any transaction. It is likely that FOREX trading is not suitable for all investors. You should determine whether trading is suitable in your case and should take into account your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources. You may lose all or more than your initial investment. The opinions, financial information or on markets, and recommendations are subject to change at any time. The information contained in this bulletin does not constitute or states that you should buy or sell through FOREX Core Financial Group Inc., and / or its affiliates, and should not be available to individuals in a jurisdiction where the making available of the above would be contrary to local regulations.