Forex Prize

Here you get the indicator and strategy with the methods below, I do not recommend showing them to their brokers, now you understand how they hate the break-even strategy, you will pull it out of hand, you forget it, will continue to lose their time and money. Ekstrennoe message to present and future customers ‘DC Euroclub’, using the platform ‘TradeDesk’. Community brokers this Euroclub arrange weekly contest traders and simply refuse to financial obligations to the winners under the pretexts of non-existent circumstances. So in the contest with 20 to 24 July 2009 I won first place, participating in only one account but not received the prize for such an explanation ‘Your score was disqualified for using multiple accounts from one competitive ip-address. ” _ Be sure to read the details of this case – is the true face of all the brokers. I was refused the 1 st prize in the companies Forex-AZ $ 500 and $ 2000 CSC everywhere know I have a break-even strategy, and I carelessly said that “damages can not be ‘convinced of this, brokers are like crazy, trying to protect the cash of the company from bankruptcy. On my forums this in more detail discussed.