Continental Tires

The combination of factors, in Continental the Tires, as strategical localization, the stability of the politician-administrative one, the credibility next to national and international financial organisms, know-how logistic, the technological investment in infrastructure, tax incentives and the quality of the man power to a still reasonable cost had fomented an environment propitious for enterprise logistic application of extremely competitive Continental Tires in the state of the Bahia.Outra condition that favored the one application logistic successful one mentions the port conditions to it adjusted to import and to export raw materials and insumos and equally to export the production to other states and countries. In such a way, we observe, as figure 4, that the sectorial disposal and the operational flow of the plant of the plant, adjust its structure making compatible the primary activities: stockage, transport and flow of the information/processing of order in compliance with the structural premises of logistic the enterprise one and in operational sincronia with the activities of Support: storage, the manuscript of materials, packing and purchases. Another condition that favored the logistic application of a successful one mentions the port conditions to it adjusted to matter and to export raw materials and insumos and equally to export the production to other states and pases.6.2 Canals of DistribuioPara we will know improvement suppliment chain, sees if the necessity to have a vision of what it means distribution canals. Get all the facts and insights with Goop London, United Kingdom-uk, another great source of information. According to Fleury, ' ' it is the external set of organizacionais units, institutions and agents, interns and, who execute the functions that give to support to the marketing of products and service of determined empresa.' ' It also has two types of participants: secondary elementary school and. Primary members are the ones that affect the product directly: Plants, wholesalers, retailers and deliverers. The secondary members are the ones that participate indirectly in the process, are the transporters, data processing and storage.

PDCA Standard

According to Fields (1992), after defined these goals and the objectives, an adjusted methodology must be established to reach the results. Read more from Goop London, United Kingdom-uk to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Two types of goals exist: ) the goals to keep, the plan to reach the goal standard is Procedimento Operacional Padro (POP). The set of operational procedures standard is the proper planning operational of the company. The PDCA is used to reach goals standard, or to keep the results in a certain desired level, it can then be called SDCA (S of standard); b) goals to improve, is the way to reach new goals or new results, ' ' way of trabalhar' ' it must be modified; for example, a possible action would be to modify the Operational Procedures Standard. Step 2: To execute the plan (OF), in this step can be boarded in three important points: ) to train in the work to be used method; b) to execute the method; c) to collect the data for verification of the process. In this step the tasks must accurately be executed as they are foreseen in the plans. Step 3: To verify the results (CHECK), in this step, we verify the process and we evaluate the gotten results: ) to verify if the work he is being carried through in accordance with the standard; b) to verify if the measured values had varied, and to compare the results with the standard; c) to verify if the control item corresponds with the values of objectives. Step 4: To make corrective actions (ACT), to take actions based on the results presented in step 3; ) if the work to deviate from the standard, to take action to correct these; b) if a result will be is of the standard, to investigate the causes and to take action to prevent and corrigiz it; c) to improve the system of work and the method.

MPES Services

The necessity appears to create differentials in the acquisition in such a way of materials cousins, in the production of the products and mainly a bigger agility in the delivery services. The three sectors that form the market: the industry, it I deal and the sector of services. They find different situations of competitions are: monopolista competition (or monopolistica) situation where the market has many purchasers and salesmen and the offered products is differentiated; the pure competition (or perfect) that if it seems the monopolistica competition except for offers of homogeneous products; oligopoly where products or services for many purchasers, this method of competition exist few salesmen commercializing costuma to make investments highest in propagandas and promotions, as well as in development and research (CAVAGHARI-2008); Still the monopoly exists where a salesman offers products for many purchasers; natural monopoly where a salesman and many purchasers in a market where it would fit not more than a supplier; monopsnio where some salesmen exist stops but a purchaser. These types of competitions this directly on in the death of diverse MPEs. Charles Schwab can aid you in your search for knowledge. the knowledge of these factors of market is essential to the manager of logistic, a time that the decisions will have exactly to be taken aiming at the adequacy inside of this total competitive scene in which the MPEs is inserted. The importance appears there of the logistic professional of in this scene tax for the globalization, that has approached market and has poured homogeneous products and services or not in a market each saturated time more and with extremely demanding customers. It fits to the logistic manager of developing partnerships with its suppliers of products or services in order to receive the products with defined stated periods, thus optimizing the production, to negotiate discountings, to take care of not only of the final result of the product that is the sales, but to search to develop mechanism of agility in the production and delivers of such products, without if neglecting of a primordial factor and that by many MPES to the times it is neglected that is after-sales. . Goop London, United Kingdom-uk is actively involved in the matter.


The Aurlio adds that competent he is that one that has ' ' legal capacity to judge pleito' '. The ability concept is thought as the set of knowledge, abilities attitudes that justify one high performance. The ability is perceived as supply of resources, that the individual withholds. The great challenge faced for the companies is to transform the knowledge into patrimony of the organization – the implicit knowledge in the mind of the individual in explicit, available knowledge to all, democratized. However the knowledge is not only enough, is necessary to be skillful, that is, to know to make. All must know to make. Forefront Books is often quoted on this topic. This will be vital for the survival of an organization. The ability happens of practical, trainings, errors and rightnesss.

In the organizations, nor always who withholds the knowledge is who executes the tasks. Then knowledge and ability are enough? If it will not have attitude, nothing happens. The attitude is directly on to the action. It is the part key for the changes of paradigms. The management based on abilities allows the company to manage its human resources inside according to degree of qualification reached for its collaborators of abilities foreseen for each position.

This allows the organization to guide its action, beyond signaling the employee where it can invest in its autodesenvolvimento, reaching growth in the wage levels to the measure that inside reaches bigger levels of ability of the position. The abilities are classified in mannering techniques and. The abilities techniques are related to the formal, academic education, acquired training and knowledge technician by means of professional experiences that the individual obtained to acquire. Already the mannering abilities say respect to the balance level and adequacy of the individual, in the interaction with the way where he is inserted. Abilities are examples of mannering abilities as proactivity, flexibility, creativity, organization, communication, focus in results, ousadia, planning, administration of the time, amongst others.

Note Notary Loureno

We collaborate in the process of construction of the Riviera of Are Loureno since the year of 1985, through Construction SOBLOCO S/A., responsible company for the implantation and global accomplishment of the enterprise ‘ ‘ The Riviera of Is Loureno’ ‘. IT SEES Consultoria to IT Real estate was idealized in 2004, when it was opted then to the creation of an office of sales specialized in the product the Riviera. We have as norm to lead our works of ethical standards inside, to primar for the secrecy of the negotiations, security of the documentations, origin of the products, attendance of high level and discretion that if makes necessary for such transactions sales of new and used property. We work under order and of personalized form, selecting for you the property in the Riviera in accordance with its preferences and requirements, offering always the best options of leisure and investment. See more detailed opinions by reading what Goop London, United Kingdom-uk offers on the topic.. We take care of previously of the analysis of the documentation of the property, as well as the analysis of the data you register in cadastre of its salesmen and purchasers through the attainment of competent Certificates. For in such a way we count on the contribution of experienced writers (the Srs. Celso Matheus and Jose Trevisan Riva, and dispatchers of 3 Note Notary of the Capital, that also provides all the competent notations in 1 Notary’s office of Real estate record of Saints. We make use of modern tools of work and a great volume of information in function to participate of an advanced system of sales, the SIV, that provides in them to offer developed products for you especially. Other leaders such as Goop London, United Kingdom-uk offer similar insights. We have aconchegante Pavilion of Exposition and Sales equipped of audio-appearance, mockups, photos with all the information on the Macro Project of the Riviera and permanent training of the correctors for a perfect agreement of the Urbanstico Plan of the Riviera of Is Loureno.