The kids understand that money – this is something very important. Once suggested to my daughter repeated the answer: 'Mom, you buy money '! " My mother, my mother, Galina, works in Epiphany (Elohovskom) Cathedral of the relics of St. Alexis. She prays to him and asks for help for us. Good people will learn from my mother about our plight (there was a moment when I child from the sprawling dilapidated jacket rewinding tape, there was no money to put a new zipper) and begin to bring for my kids used clothing, shoes and toys. I do not know the names of our benefactors, and their Lord knows. Bow low to expensive for people who have helped us through that terrible period. And helped not only us but other families whom I give up what does not fit my children, helped more internatovskim orphans that went up to visit us.

The situation of my family was compounded by the fact that we all lived in one room of 17 square meters. meters. Because of the closeness of the children were often ill, as quickly from each other. Daughter made five () operations – heavy radial bone fracture with displacement, twice broke his hand from the fact that the bones properly fused. After the operation the girl needed a rest, but is it possible to seventeen meters of living space in the presence there of three rising 'heroes'? Often went to pay homage to the officers and begged to somehow help with the housing problem.

Appreciate Antiques

How to better evaluate the icon? Where better to sell now? These and other questions frequently asked by those who have houses antiques and wants to sell it. To date, the interet a very large number of antique salons and shops offering services to evaluate and purchase. But the question remains open-. Where is best to seek? The question is simple. It is better to go to the shop that works directly without intermediaries, and has koleektsionerami staffed ekspetov each of whom specializes in no more than a track different directions. Where can you find such a place.

These stores are in St. Petersburg and Moscow. One is the Antique shop 'Empire' in St. Petersburg, its web address. This antique shop is working directly with collectors and their name and make purchases of antiques which immediately sent to a specialized collection. This gives opportunity to pay more money for antiques. Since his earnings are not similar shops with antiques they buy from a collector who pays for the selection and preparation of the collection. You can make an assessment and on-line and sell.

IFRS Financial

Open investment and analytical portal financial services analyst estimate of shares, investment advice. Tips and advice. Help in choosing sites for investment, the valuation of assets (stocks and securities) of the company. Profiles (description, history, tariffs) and reporting (annual, quarterly, financial) enterprises MICEX. The predictions of take-off and falling stocks, the potential over-or under-estimation of the issuer. Analysis of stock market build a personal investment vehicle. Forecasts and trends. Regularly updated information and new sections of the attention of traders offered: access to market statistikeOpisanie and reporting companies traded on the MICEX Stock Exchange.

The possibility of downloading otchetovFinansovy analysis shares of issuers RAS, IFRS and US GAAPPomosch in choosing a broker. Information and choice of financial tarifyBolshoy instrumentovObuchayuschaya literature, articles, urokiRazdel “FAQ” – direct communication with the authors proektVozmozhnost order a full financial analysis predpriyatiyRazdely site Novice traders will find many interesting things to see financial education. In section presented a library of literature, dictionary of financial terms, training courses for novice investors. If you have any thematic issues – do not hesitate to ask them a question and answer section. Section profiles enterprises can find descriptions, history and financial statements of companies traded on the MICEX Stock Exchange.

Access to annual, quarterly, financial statements of companies sorted by industry, available in Reporting section. The ability to download reports is only available to registered users. Choose a reliable broker, learn tariffs, open a brokerage account, go to the brokers. In the analysis of issuers provided the results of fundamental stock analysis. The section is open only to registered users, open a brokerage account in the company. To assess the quality of intelligence available to demo section.

Affiliate Marketing

Despite your best efforts, you can not earn a dime in affiliate program. You're breaking my head and wonder how some partners earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars without making the supernatural efforts. Sound familiar? In this article we will look at why this is happening! Thus, the 5 main reasons why you fail, while others thrive. Reason number 1 – you do not take anything at all! Reason number 1, on which your affiliate marketing works with a zero result is that you do nothing at all. You have to move, take action and start doing something now! Reason number 2 – To create a business takes time! Affiliate marketing, just like any other business requires time to develop. You do not get a quick profit from your affiliate business requires careful planning and preparation in order to achieve success. Do not get discouraged if your efforts have not yielded results. Look at the successful partners and businessmen.

Most of them took a long time to build your business. They spent most of his at the creation of "assets" that have brought them the passive income later. Reason number 3 – The quest for the wrong target or too many goals! Despite the fact that you are doing everything to succeed, the result is still zero. The reason may be that you have chosen the wrong goal, or trying to "hit" several goals. If you do not have a plan of action, then all your efforts will remain futile. All successful people know what they want and what want to achieve.

They always concentrate on just one goal. The same must be done to you. Determine the result you want to achieve, make a plan of action and focus on the ultimate goal. Reason number 4 – Inability conduct online business. Another reason for your failures may lie in the fact that you do not belong to the partnership business as a real business. Most people, when they start an online business without seriously affiliate marketing. They are either not doing enough, or do nothing at all. When you do not take seriously the things that do, you will never achieve this success. When you seriously start relate to affiliate marketing, start to plan and develop strategies to grow your business, that's when you and see the real results that will appear in the form of tangible affiliate commissions. Reason number 5 – I You do not have a good system! The key to success in any business – the system. To succeed in affiliate marketing, you need a proven system. To determine for themselves the best option, you can try methods other businessmen. Learn their system, find out how they work and how you can use it. Summary: Now that you know the reasons why your affiliate marketing does not bring any results, I hope you more serious about your business and begin to finally act to make your business successful.

Crmsystem Automating

Despite the fact that for several years, representatives of the banking sector showing a lively interest in CRM-systems, the size of the queues at some branches of domestic banks has not changed. To some extent, on the amount of turn affected the economic crisis, but his influence was not so important to this little paranormal phenomenon. It would seem that the bank's branches have long used computerized systems that must remove the burden of routine operations with the staff of financial structure. But as it turns out, it is often the availability of automated systems could adversely affect the quality of customer service. Or rather not the automation, and the number of automated systems. As a rule, front-office operations in the bank can be used at best two or three systems, and at worst – up to seven automated systems. As we noted in CRM-blog "Implementing CRM: the use of different approaches, with a" wealth "from multiple vendors with a variety of interfaces and algorithms of the employee may simply be physically unable to give due Focus on the customer. That is what prompted us to write a post about the feasibility of using CRM in the business processes of the bank.

Even a superficial analysis of customer service in the bank without the use of CRM-system and use it to show that in the second case, customer satisfaction is much higher and the bank employee spends significantly less time for such services. Given the interest shown by readers, has been prepared by the second part, describing the use of CRM-system for the problems the front office. In this case, a bank clerk can not only save you time on maintenance, given that all the information on the client will be presented in a single profile, but it also avoids duplication of information. With each new treatment to the client will not need to re-specify their data, but only when necessary to supplement the missing information. In addition, use of CRM-system will optimize the bank's employees and outbound campaigns of outgoing calls in Call-center. Thus, when a roll call of call-center can make a mark in the "customer profile" about its interest in "Promotional" proposal and the data will be available to other employees of the bank in real time, thus effectively pre-plan activities and resources.

Russian Marketing

How many times have you had this: Have you seen an ad and you have a question, the answer to that is decided for you, buy it or not? Do you spend extra time on it to write a letter on this issue entrepreneur? If yes, then you have enough patience to wait for a response, or if you went to the competitor’s site and buy there? You can see how really important to answer all the questions potential buyers before they have them appear? What do you do for this? First and foremost, you must submit himself to the place of your potential buyers. Read your marketing text – no matter what questions you asked if you were the buyer? Can I make payment by? Do I deliver the goods within 3 days? Is there a warranty on the product? For best results, ask your friends or your family members to read your marketing text. Ask them if they have any questions about it. Remember all the questions your customers that you have already received. Maybe you responded to them every client individually, but do not they will have your future clients? If yes, then answer them directly in your marketing text.

If You do not want too much to overload your commercial site, you can create a page of frequently asked questions and put the link to it. And there will always be questions that you did not answer. You must provide your potential buyers and easiest way to contact you. This may be a telephone, fax, email, instant messaging, etc. Suggest clock customer service.

If you can not afford it, tell your customers that you answer their questions as quickly as possible or within a reasonable time. In consequence of the track all the questions and supplement the answers to their own marketing text or update our FAQ page. Just from that and can make the difference on your sales and sales of your competitors. ————– Larry Dotson. F

SEC Links

Now focus on a more detailed description of the work with the exchanges. Work with the exchanges is virtually identical to its principle. Necessary to place the code system in the root directory of a site, then register in the index.php link system at the site, which will include links. They can be split into several blocks, it all depends on your skill and desires. It is recalled that Yandex is not particularly welcomed accommodation options and how many of them may depend on both the lowering of rank, and the complete exclusion of a resource from the search engines. I have something like it, true for any other reason, so there must be very careful.

Do not be greedy and remember that and optimizers on the stock exchanges are also looking at the Number of inbound links to pages. Better bought up the page on which the external links no more than 7-8, regardless of whether these links belong to the SEC, or links to other resources. Therefore, we can give some advice – if you say the link is not significant, then there is nothing you need, it is desirable to hide search engines, placing the tag, it does not apply to link exchanges, or advertisement on which the money is. Usually this refers to the news feeds leading to other resources. Which is another important factor at work. Buying links to other resources. For what it is? First of all, to build TIC resource as links to thematic, or related topics resources is also valued by search engines.

It is therefore necessary to search for these options exchanges set up filters, which specify the corresponding values of TIC and PR, as well as the choice of subjects. Do not buy links from the resources of non-kin-sense from this small. In addition, Make a variety of links that describe the various resource pages and leading respectively to them. This way you not only raise the level of ranking main page (snout), but also pages with nested 2-3, in the final eventually without a doubt will affect the progress of the resource in the search engines. That’s generally something basic strategies for working with systems of sale and purchase options.

Soviet Economy

The ongoing situation, which is reeling virtually the entire international community in recent years, each leads to the conclusion that you need to do something. As always – "I want to believe in the best of a bad self-will," as the saying goes. Society was divided into groups, one took the expectant stance, explaining that the reason to do something better to quietly sit quietly in the shade and see what it will end. Others are looking desperately for a way to get out of this situation, looking for new ways and new opportunities. Some are, some do not. Still others seek to blame the situation, and they have their views on the matter.

Part blames America, not unreasonably. "If we had not looked at it, and went his own way, it just did not happen" – they say. Although all forget that a world in which we live now, which is closely linked economic ties, and they are so strong that a small economy "boil" in a particular state, a fleeting impact on the whole body of planetary economy. It's like a chain, where if one link falls, it loses its integrity. And whether it is not America, and what some other country with a strong economy, the same thing happened. Inflated mortgage and speculative stock market bubble in America could not stand it and burst, before he pour all your content all. So it is not necessary forget that the last time America is very boldly led his policy with respect to the world, especially the former Soviet space.

The Decision

In the case where the growth of capital provided by the property company, a body whose task – the registration of legal entities, filed a statement on the changes intended for registration, which must be made to the charter of the organization. Statement signed by a person who operates as a sole executive body of the organization. In applications filed Registration appropriate adjustments shall be shown as follows. The decision to change its charter capital increase at the expense of personal property are accepted only on receipt of results voting members' meeting, provided that during that voted for at least two thirds of the total number of participants who took part in the vote. In some cases, the decision may take longer number of the votes, but these cases are necessarily specified in the charter. For the expected decision to change the charter capital increase at the expense of its property as a basis considered financial statements for the previous year proposed changes.

Another requirement of the possibility of such an increase: the amount that is the completion of the share capital due to organization's property, the inability to exceed the difference between the net asset value and total value of the share capital and reserve fund of a limited opportunity. Application for state registration changes, imported into the statute, among other documents filed with the registering authority within one month after the decision on such changes of the authorized capital of the organization due to its property. Since time as the organization's charter has been changed and it fixed the state registering body, these changes will take effect officially for third parties.

Subscription Site

With the help of text and graphics The section should provide a description of your products and services that demonstrate what benefits can derive from them the client; news. This section contains information about the company news, updated assortment of goods and services form Subscription to the newsletter and t.p.Nazvanie site. Now that questions about the purpose and structure of the site you have successfully solved, it's time to entitle your child, he thought up for the start of any experimental name. Of course, you can assign a site you already have a name – the name of the company, for example. But there may be neuvyazochka – a goal that you want to achieve with the site, may be narrower or wider than the one pursue your company, and a similar difference in your favor would not. In this case you need to get a new name, but remember: it should be crisp, clear, sonorous, short and memorable.

4. Provide feedback communication. You need to stay in constant contact with his visitors – especially with prospects and customers. E-mail use here does not escape, but there are tools that extend its opportunities and delivered to your inbox necessary information in finished form (guestbooks, requests for information, order forms, secure server) 5. Promotion and advertising of the site. In order for potential customers know about your site, you need to report it, and you can do it yourself, or, again, to entrust the work of professionals. – Search engines.

Despite their numbers, really popular and visited search engines on the web quite a bit (according to my data, at least a dozen). You need to register the home page in each of them – by issuing press releases. Write a quality press release and send it News Service, specializing in the area of your business;-hosted site address on the documentation. When the exchange of information, documents, correspondence, etc. should always specify the address of its site with an explanation that it contains all the necessary information about you, your business, your products and services. A few words about the cost of designing, building your own business website. Of course, from a financial point of view, to do everything yourself will be much cheaper, but it should be borne in mind that your time can be much more expensive. Moreover, experience shows that if you do everything yourself, you must have sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as to have at hand all the necessary tools in the first place – the software. Recently, the market of Internet technology was a new product – a website builder for small and medium business "Roslayner. Roslayner "has everything you need to make your website effective information and advertising medium. Make a statement in full, increase sales, sent money to his company. Large companies have already did it. Now your turn. Details on the website: