Advertising and Marketing

Most people working in advertising and marketing have long forgotten about the need to buy pens, lighters, mugs, t-shirts, etc. In their full supply to these partners and customers. Some lucky enough to forget even to purchase alcohol. And you spend your money on items that they and so "bring", as it was not logical and it is senseless. Perhaps not all luck with alcohol, but the mountains pens are on everyone's desktop.

Yes, pens are cheap and, moreover, enjoy the love that allows them to give whole armful. And does it make sense? For souvenirs have long accepted as true for something minor, it is imperative that there must be at each company. As a result, companies are limited to a "standard" set of: pens, calendars, note pads, lighters. How does this apply ordinary consumer, when he handed these "gifts"? "I give, perhaps, useful! "It does not matter what line of business we consider everywhere the same. Therefore, such gifts have long ceased to be a sign of respect and good relations to the customer, the consumer.

Accordingly, the effect of such Gifts available. We do not have in mind what the customer needed to bestow a gift superexpensive, no. But "suvenirka" is a major attribute of each company or brand and should be consistent with the objectives of the brand. Then is, souvenirs should contribute to a presentation on the aims and objectives of the brand. Standard is a set of pens, business card holders and lighters does not correspond to the above. This is especially true of companies in services, where the goods can not touch and see. In this case, the souvenir products is particularly relevant and enables the user to show others that he uses this or that service in the company. Therefore, attitude toward souvenirs must be radically changed. On the market are allocated tobacco and beer brands. Sometimes we can see a very original gift products: high-tech gifts from Kent or original clothes from Tuborg. Unfortunately, it is rather an exception to the rule. For most brands and companies do not have enough wit, or imagination on lighters, glasses with a logo, pens. Thus, the promotional materials necessary to viewed not only as advertising medium. Souvenirs – an important attribute of the brand, which should correspond to the idea of the brand. Because almost no one does, for example, the packaging was just so, her role is very significant, sometimes even more important than the quality of the product itself. The expression that a good product needs no advertising, has long been forgotten by all. In advertising needs even very good and popular product. If we consider that much of the advertising campaign and a sweepstakes prizes in exchange for the purchase of goods or services, it turns out that all this advertising is not working. In fact, as happens: during the campaign there is a surge consumption in the future he is going to zero and the level of sales is returned to the original performance, and even below. But the essence of any campaign not to make a purchase the customer at the moment, but forming long-term consumer preferences. Souvenir or gift products must also take part in this important process. I aways have three main objectives: 1.donesti brand idea to consumer; 2.vydelit brand or company from the crowd; 3.predostavlyat additional benefits to customers.