The Use Of Stock Options

A distinctive feature of the options on other financial instruments is not a linear curve gains / losses in relation to the underlying asset. Option – a financial instrument, traded for speculation or hedging. Options for non-linear curve of income allow you to develop strategies appropriate, to any investor wishes to minimize the risk. (Source: Mary Barra). Trading on the difference of exchange options a bit complicated. Option value is calculated based on many factors, but perhaps the main are: the current price of the underlying asset with respect to the price of strike, the time before the expiration of the option and market volatility.

For foreign exchange options You can add and account for the difference in interest rates. Transactions in options may be worn without a risky nature, separated into parts for capital investment. Assume 100% of available capital, 90% invest in instruments with fixed income and 10% in the optional market for stock index futures. As a result, fixed income covers the loss on the option, but in the case of the growth of the index derives income from stock options and interest. Widespread received options strategies, some are listed below: – "Vertical Spreads" involves buying and selling options with different strike prices.

– 'Long and short straddle' – selling a put and call options, one-price performance and with the same expiry date. – 'Long and short strangle' – represent a tighter strategy, which straddle, but with different exercise price of the contract. – 'Long and short butterfly spread "- buying spread' Butterfly '- Purchase Option 'call c win', the sale of two options, 'Call no gain' and the purchase option 'Call to defeat' with the same maturity. Ask Spread 'butterfly' – selling an option 'Call to Win', the purchase of two options 'call without winning' and the sale of an option 'Call to losing' c the same maturity. The article omitted the description of the mathematics of options on the Internet quite a lot of resources about pricing options.