The Decision

In the case where the growth of capital provided by the property company, a body whose task – the registration of legal entities, filed a statement on the changes intended for registration, which must be made to the charter of the organization. Statement signed by a person who operates as a sole executive body of the organization. In applications filed Registration appropriate adjustments shall be shown as follows. The decision to change its charter capital increase at the expense of personal property are accepted only on receipt of results voting members' meeting, provided that during that voted for at least two thirds of the total number of participants who took part in the vote. In some cases, the decision may take longer number of the votes, but these cases are necessarily specified in the charter. For the expected decision to change the charter capital increase at the expense of its property as a basis considered financial statements for the previous year proposed changes.

Another requirement of the possibility of such an increase: the amount that is the completion of the share capital due to organization's property, the inability to exceed the difference between the net asset value and total value of the share capital and reserve fund of a limited opportunity. Application for state registration changes, imported into the statute, among other documents filed with the registering authority within one month after the decision on such changes of the authorized capital of the organization due to its property. Since time as the organization's charter has been changed and it fixed the state registering body, these changes will take effect officially for third parties.