Additionally you can participate: to) the guarantor, or who ensures compliance with the obligation contained in the title value. b) the endorser, namely the holder that opts to transfer via endorsement the banking certificate i.e. the holder that opts to transfer via endorsement the banking certificate c) the endorsee, i.e. who acquires by endorsement the title value IV. FORMAL requirements essential.-banking certificate contain: a) the designation of the Bank certificate and indication of if it’s a title value expressed in national currency or foreign currency b) place and date c) if banking licences have been issued to the bearer, shall indicate such condition, i.e. that the payments were made to who stop the title value. Instead, if banking certificates have been issued the order, the name of the person to whose order is issued must be noted.

(d) the indication of the amount that they represent, which should be expressed in a currency other than the national (U.S. dollars and some other); and in nuevos soles, in the case of Bank certificates in national currency. (e) the term of the title value or its expiration date, which may not be more than a year since it has been issued, shall be indicated likewise if that term is renewable or not. (f) place of payment, i.e. the city, plaza or town where the payment will take place. not to mention the place of payment means that the Bank certificate is payable at any Office of the company within the national territory. (g) the conditions for his redemption early, if possible this. (h) the name of the issuing company and signature of the representative.

Likewise, banking certificates must be issued only on security paper, as established by the Superintendence of banking and insurance and each company. L.T.V. 218, 219 and 221. V. amount in the case of Bank certificates in foreign currency, the amount representing the value title It must not be less than a thousand dollars or its equivalent in other currencies .to the case of banking certificates in national currency, the appropriated amount shall not be less thousand nuevos soles.