Roya International Ahmed Ramadan Sector

" Ronald Hinchey agreed with Mr. Hagkull, and added that although the real estate sector in Dubai has relatively little story here has the highest rates of growth and development in the world. No less rapid growth observed in the rental market. Dubai has always been famous for its grandiose expensive projects that were built throughout the city, but now the emirate was faced with the return of the feasibility of the market. The meeting stressed the important role and rera (Real Estate Regulation Agency – Agency to regulate real estate). Partner firms Cluttons said, in 2009, the Agency will intensify its work in the field of legislation.

"In my opinion, all attention will be focused on end users and developers, and I believe that rera has and will continue do its utmost for the benefit of all parties. " Lisa Dale, who heads the department of real estate company Al Tamimi & Company, noted that the Agency should cooperate more effectively with the public, which has faced some uncertainty about the future of the real estate sector due to the rapid changes in this area. "At the moment, rera has an excellent opportunity to showcase their activities by providing clearer and more a clear picture of the real estate market and new methods that will be introduced in 2009. A company representative Sherwoods Iseeb Rehman stressed the importance of changing perceptions of investors about the value of assets. "I am a supporter of good quality. I believe that real estate companies with good reputation and history of the stand the test of crisis.

Consequently, the company must now focus on professionalism, quality and innovation in 2009. I think that the current financial crisis will help the property sector to become more sophisticated, we will see a return to quality and feasibility. " One of the leading experts in the field of services managing director of Roya International Ahmed Ramadan, said, that the growth of the real estate industry in recent years had a positive impact on the service sector. "Rapidly increased not only the prices in the property sector: Hotels in Dubai are also considered among the most expensive in the world," he said. Nevertheless, Mr. Ramadan said that in the service sector in 2009, is expected no growth. " In his view, the drop in prices in the services sector will be a rush of people in Dubai, including investors looking for long-term investment. ceo of Emaar Properties Naaman Atallah said: dps was always interested in constructive discussions regarding the real estate sector. Meeting on the prospects of the real estate industry provides an excellent platform for merger-builders in the construction process, which at this critical moment are in search of effective co-existence in difficult today's economic climate. Developers must focus energy on their projects, create a positive picture and continue to bring confidence in the economy. " The head of dps and roundtable moderator Adel Lootah, ending the discussion, said that Dubai "and always offers will offer more opportunities than risks. " One of the main conditions for overcoming the crisis, he believes change in expectations about the real estate sector players, those who are waiting for short-term return on investment. "In addition, need to revise the price of property in the uae in order to bring them – and support – at the secondary level of feasibility. Dubai is the only way to maintain a healthy real estate market. "