Professional Day Trading

All the trades a little differently. The trading method outlined below is MY personal approach to trading. This method has worked for me over the past 20 years, and has helped me to avoid the great attraction lowest since mid-1980. My trading strategy has helped me make a good living trading. It takes some time to learn my method of trading because it is based on tape reading and getting a "feel" for the market.

This account is not about a quick, easy formula to "get rich quick" while sweating each trade. Instead, it is to build trust and trade as usual, without fear or big draw downs. This is my 10 steps for learning to my style of Trading: 1. Offices in the practice of out of balance, using a target of the tick, a stop of two or three soft ticks (mental stop) and a 1.5 point hard stop. * * Never allow the market reaches its hard stop.

Exit by moving your hard stop towards their goal, not by moving your hard stop towards your goal. Over time, this must become a reflex. Not always be able to keep their losses to 2 ticks, but only on rare occasions should you find yourself letting the market reaches its hard stop. ("Rarely" means only about once every 50-100 operations after getting the hang of it.) While your posts will not suffice in the beginning of commercial gain these tight soft stops, your entries will improve gradually turn the corner and become profitable.