However, as will be seen, unlike him, I’m not fond of moderation. a Holding hanging meat coming from the place where it had a face: a _Hijo of a bitch! AVAs to pay for what you did to me, either in this or another life! st We are going to pay! a _Ja, ha!, as I’m concerned, animals in this or another! _ eyes snapped with a wonderful brown claro_no there be no force that can overthrow any my designs . If I am to be punished, it would be possible only to realize a masochistic vein. The weight of the sword will not fall outside the laws on me, unless I want. Sure trachea I know my self actually consists of a grimy and inescapable network (They really know is that this is not only an interpretation of reality as any other.) My self is composed of all that exists around me there is no independence at all between myself and the rest of what exists. Not what I call my own will is absolutely, but the daughter of context. However, I prefer at least at this moment, I pretend that my world is in front, separated from him, the Cartesian way.

His now former friends and what once was a lady pounced on him. He recalled the episode between flatus and Zemel, with wry smile emulation sought: those who intended to attack lain swoon. He was born in Haedo, Buenos Aires, 02/04/1978. He lives in Jose Leon Suarez, Buenos Aires. He is a student of the career of philosophy (UBA). Echoes Suarences, Journal of Jose Leon Suarez, published in some editions of 1996 and 1997 comic script and drawings by him. Since early 2002, participates in meetings of the cultural group The Poets of Villa Meeting Ballester. That same year he won his first literary mention in the story, granted by the Ministry of Forest’s Poetry.