All we're not in a situation to throw money and invest it where they do not make a profit. Promote your web site – this is what is needed now to pay attention. Promotion – is the best anti-crisis solution. And why. People such as john k castle would likely agree. Promotion – is "advertising" "meeting" with a future client was glad, because it offers exactly the product he needs.

If your user wants to purchase a product, he simply enters a search string in its name. AND comes to your website. With no extra effort and for little money you get "hot" customer ready to buy. For assistance, try visiting john k castle. Excellent crisis management perspective, agree. Experts in a golostverdyat that the Internet will be the sphere which is least likely to suffer in times of crisis.

And the reason that they call a few: First, the average user will spend more time on the Internet. The crisis in one way or another, affect the absolute all. And each of us wants to get as much as possible accurate information about what is happening. We do not negotiate much on television, newspapers, we had forgotten to read. Internet will become the main media. It is reasonable to place here anti-crisis advertising. Second, the movement of goods and services via the Internet is less expensive than the cost of product promotion in another way. (Take the first move on the Internet in its crisis program.) In a crisis, when all the company announced discounts, price collapses, the promotion of a resource on the Internet becomes even more profitable. In fact, many experts predict that the cost of promotion in internet will decrease. Many users have already formed the habit of buying goods over the Internet. How accessible is the Internet connection, the more people will prefer not to traditional shopping, but that committed via the Internet. Even in times of crisis.