Donald Trump

It is no secret the fact that millionaires think differently to the poor. This is the reason why they can lose it all and go back to get it, many times more than what they had before. If you are familiar with billionaire Donald Trump, or you’ve heard his story and how the managed to return from the ruin, personally owing more than 700 million dollars to be one of the characters more rich and admired in this country. The author of the book Secrets of the mind millionaire Harv T. Eker, mentions that the reason why this is possible, is that even though someone such as Trump practically lost all their material possessions, they never lose his millionaire mind. They know how they got everything, and know how to retrieve it. One can say that the mentality that you have, will determine your financial future.

This will determine whether you will succeed or if it fails. That’s why you should know the following points: If you want to change the fruits, change the seed or root. This is a simple law of nature, if you sow something wrong, can not reap something good. T. Harv Eker says: the invisible believe what is visible in his book Secrets of the millionaire mind, in other words what you can see, is created by something that you can see, your mind.

Your present situation has been created by the manner in which you’ve followed the programming of your mind. It is true, the poor and the rich think differently, and you look at everything from a different point. What for some is a problem for the rich is an opportunity. What for some is a risk the wealthy see it as a portal to more riches. Ask yourself the following questions: do let life happen or decide what happens in my life? Do I play the money game to win, or just trying not to lose?I think in big or small? Do I focus on opportunities or obstacles?I associate with positive or negative people? What is your mindset about money? Do you take seriously your financial life? Do this how programmed his mind?If this scheduled to spend and not worry, please rest assured that will never succeed. You must recognize the State of his mind, then recognize that if it is not good you can change it, such as a computer program cannot be corrected, you can correct your mentality. Once your mentality is correct, you will begin to create the life you want. Be sure to delete the incorrect programming you may have and replace it with the millionaire mindset, you cannot have both at the same time, one or the other WINS at the end, and why take this kind of risk?