The kids understand that money – this is something very important. Once suggested to my daughter repeated the answer: 'Mom, you buy money '! " My mother, my mother, Galina, works in Epiphany (Elohovskom) Cathedral of the relics of St. Alexis. She prays to him and asks for help for us. Good people will learn from my mother about our plight (there was a moment when I child from the sprawling dilapidated jacket rewinding tape, there was no money to put a new zipper) and begin to bring for my kids used clothing, shoes and toys. I do not know the names of our benefactors, and their Lord knows. Bow low to expensive for people who have helped us through that terrible period. And helped not only us but other families whom I give up what does not fit my children, helped more internatovskim orphans that went up to visit us.

The situation of my family was compounded by the fact that we all lived in one room of 17 square meters. meters. Because of the closeness of the children were often ill, as quickly from each other. Daughter made five () operations – heavy radial bone fracture with displacement, twice broke his hand from the fact that the bones properly fused. After the operation the girl needed a rest, but is it possible to seventeen meters of living space in the presence there of three rising 'heroes'? Often went to pay homage to the officers and begged to somehow help with the housing problem.