Argentinian Economy

Argentina is a country that is accustomed to moving at the ends. In a furious convertibility of its currency could no longer hold more prolonged and halftone passed without a devaluation angry too, that many of the rich overnight, but others lost all their savings, as well as extremist was the situation for Argentina’s population as well. And the model suffers today, again. I can send your comments to: Deplete The Positive Effects of the Crisis Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina May 6, 2008 I know many people who suffered harshly crisis that Argentina went through in 2001. One of them, a neighbor of mine, lost much of their life savings with the famous financial curbs introduced by the then finance minister, Domingo Cavallo. I have friends who also had a hard time getting a job for some time. Even in the neighborhood where I live, there is a supermarket that was looted in the midst of the crisis. It is true that crises are not good and generate many costs to society, as is clear in these cases that I know in depth, but in the case of Argentina’s crisis, it also generated derivatives of the same that had caused the economy with a number of positive effects. The explosion of the currency (that’s what it was, an explosion of model), allowed the release of the exchange rate against the dollar, which in a few weeks went from 1-1 to make contributions to $ 3.70 for every dollar.