The conflict between the Government and the Argentinean instead of on track, field worsens day by day. But what the Government fails to understand, is that the issue goes beyond a conflict with a specific sector. The Argentine society is that opposes the policy which is carrying out the Government, and that is leading to multiple conflicts, with inflation rising and one growing probability that this economic boom we achieved among all Argentines, is coming to an end. The damage to the Argentine economy is greater every day. A fact: according to forecasts, the area sown with wheat would be the lowest in 15 years. Another fact: De Angeli (one of the agrarians main that are at the forefront of the protest), said yesterday, and after being arrested last Saturday if it is missing, we will stay another 100 days. The day lived the last Saturday was on the verge of unleashing a much more serious situation to the institutional stability of the country.

So serious is the situation which has reached that discussion that is at the center of the scene is no longer the economic situation or the policies that are being implemented, but that discussion raised now is much more serious and goes through the institutional stability of the country. It passes by defending democracy. Faced with this situation, the common people wondered: how it can be that the Government does not take a pacifist attitude and tries to find a solution to the problem, rather than trying to prove forces? But for the Government, and in the words of the President, most importantly, take care of the economic model and that is the reason why does not intend to cede in the conflict. But what is that economic model? Honestly, it is something that, as an economist, I do not know how to respond. Because to be able to say that Argentina has an economic model, does not reach with an exchange rate high (which in reality is no longer as well), nor with a fiscal surplus is not achieved at the expense of fiscal austerity, but it is search for increasingly generating more income regardless of where you get or costs that that implies for the health of the economy.