1879: The Origin

1879: The origin of Backus Johnston, “” The Origin of Backus Johnston goes back to 1879, the year in which Mr. Jacob Backus and Engineer J. Howard Johnston, an American citizen, provide a brewery and ice factory in the traditional district of Rimac. Subsequently, Messrs. Backus Johnston incorporate their own homes in London in 1889 under the name “The Backus and Johnston’s Brewery Company Ltd” and entering the British capital market in order to raise investment capital. Messrs. Johnston and Backus continue in the management of the company until the sudden death of Backus and the exit of Mr Johnston India for family reasons. 1954: Backus Johnston Brewery Company Ltd is reinstated in Peru Backus Johnston Brewery Company Ltd was transferred as a Peruvian company in 1954 when its board, led by Don Ricardo Bentin Mujica, decided to transfer the incorporation of the company in India and so the name change is Cervecer a Backus Johnston SA1955 – 1973: Market expansion and decentralization The market developed significantly modernizing the plant of the Rimac and adopted as Marketing System to Distribution Centers, holding a 41 share of the beer market. Decentralization efforts are brewing and promotes the formation of Cerveceria San Juan SA and Cerveceria del Norte SA, to address the markets of the Amazon and the north. 1981-1993: Investing in Tie Plant installed in 1981 the first bottling line in Tie Plant, is fully equipped in 1993 with the installation of the cooking line was inaugurated in that year. This significant investment allowed to have the capacity necessary to expand the beer market, becoming one of the most modern in Latin. 1994: Company acquires National Beer SABackus acquires 62 of the common shares of Compania Nacional de Cerveza SA (CNC), its largest competitor by more than a century. This allows you to acquire a holding in Trujillo’s Brewery Company Ltd., of San Mateo lithia Mineral Water SA, among other companies owned by CNC .. 1996: Merger of companies. With foresight and seeking to maximize efficiencies through synergies in the beer business, in 1996 the shareholders of Cervecer a Backus y Johnston SA, Compania Nacional de Cerveza SA, Cervecer a del Norte SA and Sociedad de Trujillo SA Brewery decided to merge the Union companies creating Backus y Johnston SAA, the largest brewer in Peru. 2000: Company acquires Brewery South Peru SA In 2000, South Brewing Company of Peru SA(Cervesur) with its plants in Arequipa and Cusco became part of the Backus Group with the aim of consolidating a company able to compete effectively in a globalized environment. 2001 – 2002: Backus and Johnston is acquired by Grupo Empresarial Bavaria 2005: SABMiller is fuciona with Grupo Empresarial Bavaria With the merger of Grupo Empresarial Bavaria and SABMiller, Julio Mario Santo Domingo spend doing the second world’s majority shareholder company SABMiller of South African origin, based in London, forming the second global brewing group with presence in over 60 countries and a portfolio of over 170 brands. So once again the company passed into the hands of foreign capital, and the call is Peruvianization company in history.