Turkish Riviera

What financial capacity is needed to buy an apartment in one of the many residential complexes and luxury villas on the first line? Variation in property prices in Turkey are very high from 500 to 3.5 thousand for the quarter. m. The cost of housing depends primarily on the proximity to the sea, the quality of construction and infrastructure. Buy property , for example, a 50-meter apartment in a kilometer from the sea can be a 80-90 thousand from a huge selection of real estate in Turkey for Russians greater interest are houses, flats and apartments by the sea. It is the location on the waterfront has played a key role, while infrastructure development is not so significant.

Suites and apartments in Turkey near the Sea of interest not only to travelers but also those who are often in Turkey’s business purposes. If we talk about buying houses, villas or cottages in Turkey, it is worth noting the proposed real estate objects meet anyone, even the most sophisticated needs. Each villa or cottage has more bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies and terraces. The villa has rooms for servants, laundry rooms, garages, parking lots and other amenities. Must own pool. Prices for the villa depending on location and area, Distance from the beach and infrastructure.

These can range from 200,000. Property in Turkey – is not only home to the resorts of the Turkish Riviera. On the Aegean coast of Turkey, especially in Bodrum, is located the most prestigious property. In connection with the global financial crisis many people are afraid to invest in real estate. However, such fears are unnecessary for Turkey. The fact that Turkey before the crisis is less than other countries, focused on mortgage lending. Turkish banks are rarely involved in trading the world stock exchanges. Therefore, Turkey’s economy was minimal damage to the global crisis, according to this real estate market in Turkey remains one of the most stable in the world. All of the above is convincing evidence that investment in property in Turkey – a reliable investment for the future.