Soviet Russia

But here on the mathematics of problems begin: 4 vs. 5 or more – not to her teeth. Further differences in the number of fish determines only at a ratio of 1:2. In this regard, the Italian scientists suggested that the counting of meet two separate ‘mechanism’: one can count to four, and another – to compare numbers bigger. Feast of the week: The International Bird Day on April 1, Russians, along with other inhabitants of our planet have noted a very important ecological holiday – International Day for the birds.

International Bird Day is held annually in the framework of the unesco ‘Man and Biosphere’. April 1, 1906 was signed The International Convention for the Protection of Birds. Bird Day is the ‘old’ environmental holiday calendar – Soviet Russia to the International Convention for the Protection of Birds has joined in 1927. Russia has long been on the people rejoiced the return of migratory birds since arriving from wintering birds meant the beginning of spring, the awakening of nature after the long Russian winter. Many customs associated with the arrivals of birds – in the homes of baked ‘larks’ dough, singing special Song-, were making birdhouses and other ‘birdhouse’. On Earth there are about 9,600 species of birds – including the territory of Russia noted 789 species of birds, of which 657 species nest. The Red Book of the Russian Federation recorded 128 taxa of birds. Every year since 1996, Russia’s largest organization for the conservation of species diversity and abundance of wild birds – Russian Bird Conservation Union, is chosen bird of the year.

Last year, the bird was a bullfinch. Bird of the Year 2009 – a swan. Photofact week: How did the ‘Earth Hour’ already talked about how the world was the most massive action in the history of mankind, aimed at attracting global attention to the problem global climate change – ‘Earth Hour’. About how the planet was plunged into darkness for an hour – in photofact ‘Earth Hour’: Planet of the hour was plunged into darkness. ps By the way, the authorities in New Delhi decided to make environmental action ‘Earth Hour’, in where people turn off electricity for an hour, monthly. During the international event ‘Earth Hour’ – 2009 citizens actively involved in the past last week’s international action, and the city managed to save one hour 10 000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. Such a way as to become the first city of Delhi, who will conduct ‘Earth Hour’ on a regular basis. The action will begin at 20.30 on the last working day of each month