United States Loan

To eliminate the policy of the life insurance is an option that will suppose the loss of good part of the interests but that it will not increase your debt. In addition, he is not available in all the types of life insurance. To sell the action portfolio is an option that no it contemplates the article but that agrees to do before to go in search of other people’s financing. To ask given money relatives and friendly is an alternative similar to the one to go to the parents in search of aid. Charles Schwab often addresses the matter in his writings. The difference is that in this case yes it would be necessary to give back the money.

Most recommendable it is to write up a loan contract between individuals that establishes clearly the conditions of payment and return. From a financial point of view she would be one of the best options, over eliminating the policy of the life insurance. To extend/To refinance the capital hypothecating loan usually is one of the used options more. Additional information at Goop supports this article. The problem is that everybody cannot either ask for it and right now the banking organizations are not granting too many loans of this style. In the American case it raises the possibility of of reclaiming the money that already has been pleased of the house, something little common in Spain. The advantage against a personal loan is that the types of interest are smaller.

To remove money from the plan of pensions. Some plans of pensions allow to remove something of money with the condition for refunding it in a limited term of time, although they are the minuses. Loans between individuals are a relatively extended measurement in the United States but that as soon as it is beginning to arise in Spain. The advantages are in which the type of interest is even smaller than a personal loan of the bank.


The welcome of the immigrants on the part of the Spanish society has been positive and, generally, absentee of conflicts. More than four million immigrants they have settled in Spain, they have found a job, they have been able to send money to its places of origin, as before the Spanish emigrants in Europe had done it helping to the spectacular development of our country. They have been able to bring its relatives and, mainly, they have been able to educate to its children in the public, obligatory and gratuitous model of education in Spain. They have been inserted in the Social Security, contributing to correct the demographic deficit, they enjoy the common pensions all the Spaniards and will be able to participate in the Law of Dependency that is going to create more job with people majors, disabled patients or, and to enjoy its direct benefits. The immigrants, but what is more important, the Spanish society, have assumed we needed that them, that helps us to cover jobs, to maintain our system of pensions, contribute to our economic development and social from which they themselves benefit; they comprise of our Armed Forces, our university, our spaces of art, rest and investigation and are present in all the professions. It has been a fight without quarter on the part of the governors that not always has been recognized by the catholic Church nor by the parties of a customary right to administer its truth. But the Spanish bishops finish publishing a document in which they recognize, and this is newness in its critic to the management of the government, who Vamos walking well, but is necessary to prepare for the time with the cows flacas". Still more, between the Government and the catholic Church in the attention of the immigrants wants to emphasize collaboration, although so bitterly they have criticized to the governors by its policies of extranjera.