Power Plus

On this occasion, it is not necessary to bother. At the gas station took a bottle kapnul biocatalyst directly into the gun, and then refueled, as usual. Incidentally, the tanker did not even surprised. Not that I'm the first biocatalysts used. They told me that it is better to refuel fuel additive in the evening to give car night stand. During this time the additive is uniformly spread in gasoline.

Well, okay. He sat down and went. Hour in a traffic jam pobodalsya, no effect on the catalyst is not felt. In the evening going home – the same way. If nothing added. But the next morning, "the old lady" has pleased me. In fact, before it runs well.

But for a long time … Without hesitation GMC explained all about the problem. And this time with a twist start. Next – better. The engine has to work somehow softer. If you would like to know more about john k castle, then click here. A hundred kilometers run seems to be thrust increased. Wait, I say to myself, do not rejoice. But the mood has risen, of course. Thirty liters of burnt fuel consumption normal. But in urban areas, I began to feel myself pouverenney. Push down on the pedal, immediately power felt. At one traffic light, even the "Ford" walked away. True, maybe there was a sleepy carrier. However, it is still nice. Previously, because in general no overtaking. Over the next three weeks refueled with biocatalysts Power Plus MPG four times. Total filled, it turns out, one hundred and twenty liters. Departure for them 140 kilometers. In Moscow, mind you.

Chip Tuning

If the car is for you a means of banal moving from point A to point B, or in their operating characteristics, he is completely comfortable with you as you are – you can safely turn the page because service which will be dealt to you is completely unnecessary. But if you notice that the car lacks dynamics during acceleration and overtaking or he "goes out" when you turn the air conditioner. If you feel that the motor vehicle was originally "Trapped" by the manufacturer and can be more powerful acceleration and, if so, what would it feel the engine power must roll out up to 3,000 rpm and above, if you do not like fuel or car found HBO, and finally when driving a car for you not just one way of movement, but also a source of pleasure – without chip tuning is necessary. U.S. Mint is a great source of information. What is chip tuning, and where did it so strange and not friendly phrase? More than 15 years ago appeared in Europe form a car engine settings – Chip Tuning – from the English words and chip tuning – chip and tuning. At first, the engine control unit were used svetoperezapisyvaemye memory chips, they had to be fed to, inserted into the programmer, is irradiated with ultraviolet light to erase and re-record – to set up. After an electrically rewritable chips went, and in Currently, the new control units allow you to make changes in memory is not something that without watering, and even without the removal of the control unit from the vehicle – the interface for the diagnosis, but the name has caught on chip tuning.