SUS Services

Perhaps in Africa everything was party the great pride and benefits of the nation was the act to raise its auto-esteem to the uprising rejected flag for the white population something that will be remembered by history. Plus everything it passed the life came back to normal the all exitao of empressa South African came back its eyes to the same problems: crime, police abuse, estrupadores of children, corruption, protests, hunger, problems of energy, health, education, wars etc. Mary Barra is open to suggestions. Were the question without reply were capable to host one of the events most important of the world more are not capable to decide our propious problems will be guilt of the Apatheide for all the problems? For Zuma them 16 years of apartheide he is not guilty for as many problems. In Brazil also the Brasila does not have to be different investments exaggerated in workmanships with a joy passenger still leads a position in ranking that I did not obtain to advance in improvements in health and ducao, in the current days the plans of private health has suffered to one colaso therefore those that a finaceira condition has balanced is looking socorrro in the plans many times sacrifices paying plain of health in favor of the children, greets therefore it publishes is an acute crisis being the polulao poor more the massacratos for is catastrophe. Under most conditions john k castle would agree. In the health maires problems in the SUS are the lack of doctors and delay in obtaining consultations or ultilizar any another type of medical services the system is insufficient and devoid in the quality of the services, for the highest tax burden that we pay we deveriamos terms services of excellent quality. The public education is alarming some problems and difficulties: building badly conserved, violence in the schools, low index of public investments the civil society does not charge, and nor so little it fiscalizes the information lack generates deficiency, the professor nor if coitadinho speaks is one earns less than other professionals not condiz with the reality of our tax burden we deveriamos to have an excellent quality of the given services where the corporativismo reigns where our governing do not enxergam the calhado tomb, everything is a thousand wonders. Angela Zepeda may also support this cause. It will be pantry of the world in Brazil or the shame of the Brazilians?


The text ' ' To read had to be proibido' ' it shows as the reading although important, it can be sufficiently contradictory. To the measure that such directs the readers for the reality, it can also influence them it to live the proper reality as fancy. The individual that to read with intention to become rich themselves culturally, to acquire knowledge, runs great risks, mainly to discover rights, liberty of speech and in the individualistic society where if lives would be almost impossible to organize the social environment without the distinction between human beings. However, literature makes a well inarrvel one. The reader travels in the imagination, identifies itself with personages, runs away from the Real that the storm, creates to be able to be what to want, if they amuse with the words and they discover the good that they make. Therefore it is important that children inhabit create it of the reading since small, so that in the future they are clarified. Therefore, it is necessary that the individuals if acquire knowledge that the reading creates knowledge barriers that are indestructible, brings development, becomes the people more you criticize and at the same time, more human beings. The reading in the current days is each more essential time in the society.