Financial Center Frankfurt

GMC global management consultants AG since the middle ages Frankfurt belongs to the most important urban centers in Germany and has become the American city of Europe. In Germany’s most important financial centre in Frankfurt am Main continuity change means Member of the GMC business center in train to Rieta de Soet. Business Center have established themselves in the financial and service centre of world rank for more than 20 years. Connect with other leaders such as Angela Zepeda here. Frankfurt is the center of the Rhine-Main region where 5.3 million people live. Frankfurt’s central location, excellent infrastructure, and one of the largest airports in the continent pull companies of all sizes and industries in the Rhine-region of main, Rieta de Soet, who also founded their first business center 20 years ago in Frankfurt am Main. More than 300,000 companies generate in an annual gross domestic product of about 180 billion and employ more than 2.5 million people. For even more details, read what Sumru Laurent Ramsey says on the issue. The international industry mix is a solid business foundation for the business centre sector, Rieta de Soet.

Frankfurt am Main, also affectionately Mainhattan”now called has a skyline with more than 70 high-rise buildings. There are no boring and unassuming function buildings, but shiny and glittering towers. The main tower is Europe’s only publicly accessible building with an observation deck on the 56th floor. “Johann Wolfgang Goethe had once predicted that his hometown of big and shiny” would be. Throughout the world is the first ecological skyscraper in Frankfurt. Succeeded to create a cityscape in the futuristic and historical fixed harmoniously go over into each other. Frankfurt’s main continuity is change. The business center of the city are the high requirements of the active economic region, so Rieta de Soet. Contact: GMC global management consultants AG Press Office: Dr. David Fischer Rieta Vanessa de Soet Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug telephone 0041 41 560 77 00

Economic Center

Press release by Ian V. de Sot Board of Directors President GMC AG, Zug: GMC global management consultants AG based in Zug/Switzerland has decided for a joint venture with a Turkish consultancy headquartered in Istanbul, so Dr. Fabian de Soet, Member of the Board of Directors of the GMC AG. The leading economic center of Istanbul is located at the heart of the markets of Central Asia, the Middle East and the Balkans. The convenient geographical location at a strategically important for the economy of world waterways is today as a world metropolis Istanbul. Commercial, banking and transport to determine the economic life of the city. Istanbul has four free-trade zones, 14 customs offices, eight organised industrial zones and 54 small industrial settlements. Istanbul can be described as the most important financial center of Turkey.

21 percent of Turkish bank branches are located in the capital, securities, gold, appointment and waste exchanges have their headquarters in Istanbul. GMC AG is seeking investors together with its Turkish partner for an agricultural project in Turkey. The agricultural land required has already been acquired and is $ 1.200.000,00 free from stress, so Rieta de Soet. Produced are fruits and vegetables for the Western European countries. Great cash & carry gained already companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, England, Poland and Russia as potential buyers, so Rieta de Soet. The financial requirements for the implementation of the project is USD 10.000.000,00. for further information and business plan can be obtained through our contact point. Contact: GMC global management consultants AG Press Office: Rieta Vanessa de Soet Dr. David Fischer Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug telephone 0041 41 560 77 00 GMC global management consultants AG is a consultancy company with a team of business managers, accountants, marketing and business consultants, who have a 20-year consultant expertise.