Kyiv Region

Kyiv Region is located in the central part of Ukraine. Sonia Gardner contributes greatly to this topic. Geographically, Kiev region in the north is bordered by the Gomel region of Belarus, to the west – , in the east – from Chernigov and Poltava, in the south and south-east – Cherkassy and the south-west – Vinnitsa, areas. Kyiv Region is located on Pridneprovoskoy and the Polesie lowlands. The region mainly covered forest and steppe landscapes. The region is 28.1 thousand square meters.

km (4,7% of Ukraine’s territory). Population – 1827.9 thousand people (3,7% of Ukraine’s population), including urban population – 1053.5 thousand people (58%) and rural – 774.4 thousand people (42%). Population density – 65 people. per sq. km. km. It was founded on Feb.

27, 1932 d Administrative and Territorial area: 25 administrative districts, 25 cities, including 11 – of regional subordination, 30 urban villages, 1221 rural settlements. Largest cities: White Church, Brovary, Boryspil, Fastov.Kiev is the administrative center of the region. Kyiv region very rich in minerals. Here there are: peat, brown coal, construction materials. Are the most important stocks of construction materials. In the gdp structure is industry leading position in second place is agriculture, followed by construction, transport and services. Basis industry are electricity and food industries stand out as engineering and metalworking, chemicals and petrochemicals. Engineering and metalworking specialize in the production equipment for chemical industry (Fastovsky chemical engineering plant “Red October”) and trading companies, machinery and fodder for livestock, excavators (Borodyansky Excavator Plant), reclamation techniques, electrical products domestic purposes – refrigerators (Vasilkovsky refrigerator factory), air conditioners, lighting equipment (Brovarsky Lighting Factory). Face chemical and petrochemical industry in the region is Belotserkovsky tire plant number 2, “Belotserkovschina. Also in the region developed microbiological industry (“Biochemist” – Borodyansky district, village Nemeshaevo). Agriculture of the region is characterized by high levels of development. Agriculture of the region specializes in grain-, sugar beet and meat and dairy farming. The main attractions of Kiev Region: National Historical and “Pereslavl” State Historical and Cultural Reserve in Vyshgorod and others.