The Life

The quality of the management of I on the world of the thoughts and the emotions is that it will determine the capacity of the man as agent modifier of its intrapsquica and social history. The natural trend of the man is to be victim of its psychic miseries. If the vital flow of the psychic energy will not be lead for the production of thoughts and healthful emotional experiences and enriquecedores, it will be lead inevitably for the production of overwhelming, tense, aggressive, autopunitivas experiences. When to learn to exert the management of I we will leave of being victims stops in them becoming protagonists of our history. When I become a mere consumer it leave to exert the paper of an excellent manager and lose the capacity to decelerate the thoughts and thus he does not obtain to protect the intellect and the emotion. Investivamente the brain blocks the memory, generating the esquecimento, the lapses of memory.

The prevention this in using the art of doubts and of it criticizes. We must criticize the fixed ideas and disturbing and overwhelming thoughts. To criticize each pertubadora idea at each moment that it locks in itself so that she is possible to reedit the film of the unconscious one. To criticize the anxiety for the excess of information, and the extreme necessity to be in evidences social and professional. To allow itself to contemplate the true beauty of the life, to take care of, really, of that in they are expensive, to separate the week end and to tan the family, the friends. To love itself to be able to love the other, therefore we only take care of correctly of the others, when we learn to take care of of we ourselves.


It is understood, however that the exercise of partejar many times happens of precarious form, in places that still are not attended as it would have for the formal assistance to the health. The obstetricians are accurately in these places, working as health agents, dedicating its time and its lives. They walk under the sun or under the rain at any time of the day and the night to give to atendimentos and many remain in the invisibilidade, in full was technological. She considers yourself that this study she will be able to influence positively, oportunizando to rescue the importance of practical popular in health, as knowing of the common sense, that in this work, make reference to reference the practical one of the traditional obstetrician, making possible the inclusion and recognition of this professional in the practical ones of health it publishes and promotion of the health. For such, the study it makes use of the present introductory part to the boarded subject; of subtemas that they compose the development and deepening of the study and a conclusive part, that answers to the problem and the objectives of the research. MEMORIES OF THE ART OF PARTEJAR THROUGHOUT HISTORY. ' ' I was making, learning, when I had that to aparar my first son, already wise person of tudo' ' (BORGES, 2008, p.329).

The learning of the traditional obstetricians, related to the childbirth, is not acquired in formal education. They are necessary experiences, being the repassed learning of a more experienced obstetrician for one less experienced. Thus if of the o to know, last of a generation to another one and keeping registers in the memory of these actresses, they have even so not registered its history in books. This knowledge, that is acquired tacitly, verbally goes being last of one to another one, and even so they have not registered its to know in books, them keep in the memory the details of each procedure.


In the society model where we live where the young is fit many times as passive and mentally ill before the participation in the social decisions, the drug can be used as an inefficient form of protest, what it does not mean a disorganization personal, but perpetuates thus a vicious circle, where the young on action of the drugs that them of the pleasure and anestesiam sensitivity, passes if to come back exactly more toward itself or nothing, making with that these, exactly being unsatisfied with the laws, pass not to react on what them is tax (CARLINI, 1995). To if dealing with the adolescence, if it makes interesting the historical search of this process throughout the times, therefore as Deleuze apud Oliveira (2001) demonstrates, will have different rites of ticket as the historical moment (OLIVEIRA, 2001). Being thus, to if searching these moments, we can visualize, according to Foucault apud Oliveira (2001), the ticket of the society predominance to discipline for the society of lives deeply one desterritorializao, where the citizen if more comes across each time with the existencial necessity to need to say: mine I, to ahead fill the hole of this inexistence of I of the abstract equality. (DELEUZE apud OLIVEIRA, 2001, p.36-37). In contrast of what the psychology of the development propagated throughout the times of that the adolescence is a conturbado and estressante period, the current trend is to consider the definition of adolescence from certain produced cultural and subjective conditions in the ticket of the traditional society to the modern, that is, as a phenomenon modern occidental person (OLIVEIRA, 2001). To if thus thinking, the adolescence today cannot more being characterized only for the biological changes, but yes as a complex process of psicossocial development, not existing borders that delimit its> beginning and end, therefore it can precede the puberty and if draw out throughout the adultez (HUTZ, 2002).

Cost of Labor

People exchange goods, and the millennium trying to unravel the mystery: how the market for free competition, where each party seeks to exchange for our own benefit, creates such prices goods, which are equal to prices of production of these goods. Solution of these goals lie, as they say, on the surface: the participants do not exchange goods weighed on labor costs or utility of each of them to tailor their benefits to the benefit of their competitors. And if none of them are in the process of exchange there is no privilege, the desire of each to his own advantage naturally generates the equality of all benefits forms equivalent exchange. part I. glossary disc – the object of exchange that can (usually) satisfy any needs of the people (which has the consumers’ properties).

The cost of labor embodied in goods to manufacturers determines the cost of the product itself, but it occurs only in conditions of absolute equilibrium of the market. Value of the product – people’s subjective perceptions about the magnitude of consumer product features and value of its value. price commodity – anything on that exchange goods. The proportion of bulk commodities exchange. Price is the market in the “fight” the dialectic of “buyer – seller.

Type of goods – the same position with the buyer’s products. cost product – species the price of goods. The price of the goods of this kind. The cost emerging markets “against” a certain number of one-species systems, “the buyer – the seller.